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Can fats in dog food cause allergies?

Can fats in dog food lead to allergies

One argument that we always advance to support our dog food with insect proteins is the extremely low potential of this protein source to cause allergies.

While traditional meats, such as beef and chicken, always entail a certain risk of food allergies, there is virtually no risk of this with our insect protein.

This means that, if your dog has had problems digesting its previous food, our Farm and Natural Feasts are the perfect alternative.

Poultry fat in dog food

Recently, we were approached by a concerned customer. She had noticed that our dog food with insect protein also contains poultry fat. She advised us that she was looking for a food that was free from poultry fat due to her pet’s allergy.

If a dog has an allergic reaction to chicken, it seems entirely logical to avoid all poultry to spare your dog the consequences of its allergy.

However, the protein in the chicken meat is responsible for the allergy, and not the fat. Generally speaking, fats do not cause allergies, and for this reason, it is not an issue to give your dog food that contains poultry fat, even if it is intolerant to chicken.

This does not change the suitability of the food.

General points on allergies in dogs

The Allergy Experts

The most common allergies in dogs are flea allergies and atopical dermatitis. Food allergies follow closely in third place.

While flea allergies are, logically, caused by fleas themselves, atopical dermatitis may be caused by house dust mites, pollen, or mould.

Food allergies are primarily caused by beef, cereals, soy, and dairy products. However, chicken meat and eggs are also potential allergens that can trigger a corresponding overreaction in the body.

What you should do in the event of a food allergy

As already mentioned, the proteins in the relevant food are generally responsible for the allergy.

Symptoms that can indicate food allergies include the following:

Of course, as these symptoms can be attributed to a plethora of other illnesses, you should contact a vet if there is any doubt at all. Your vet can then exclude other possible causes for the complaint.

If you do establish that your dog has a food allergy, the first thing to do is to find out what exactly causes it. You can provide an exclusionary diet, in which you test which foods your dog can tolerate – and which ones it cannot.

This will allow you to find out what your dog is allergic to, which you can then take into consideration when buying food. The symptoms of the food allergy will then disappear very quickly once you have made the switch.

Pug with Landgut-Schmaus

Play it safe with our Natural- and Country Feasts 

Do you want to take action against your dog’s food allergy quickly, or prevent it from recurring?

If so, we recommend that you turn to our dog food with insect protein. Insect protein is not only an easily digestible source of protein; it is also completely free from cereals. This means that there is virtually no chance of experiencing any food allergies.

Naturally, you can be sure that your dog’s dietary regime will contain all the necessary nutrients. This means that you do not need to have any concerns whether your dog will miss out on anything by doing without “real meat.”

Choose between our cold-pressed Natural Feast and our extruded Country Feast and see for yourself how easily digestible our food is.

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