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Dry meat snacks for dogs by Bellfor

Dry meat

Dry meat snacks for dogs

A dog that can resist small treats between meals has yet to be found. It is nevertheless vital that you look for good quality and healthy ingredients when buying dog treats.

Our dry meat for dogs is perfect in this regard and is guaranteed to delight your four-legged friend.

What makes our dry meat snacks for dogs so special

The choice of dog snacks is vast. On closer inspection, however, it often becomes apparent that the quality of some dog treats leaves much to be desired. Grains and other inferior ingredients can be frequently found on the list of ingredients of numerous dog treats.

With our dried meat, on the other hand, you are opting for natural delicacies made from high-quality, human-grade meat that we obtain from carefully selected suppliers.

The delicious meat strips are gently dried, which is not only noticeable in the taste, but also in the digestibility of our dry meat snacks for dogs.

The right dry meat for every dog

Just like humans have different tastes, not all dogs have the same preferences either. What delights one four-legged friend triggers little enthusiasm in the other. Thanks to our extensive range of dry meat we are sure that we have at least one suitable variety on offer for your dog.

You can currently choose from the following varieties of dry meat for dogs:

As with all Bellfor products you can be sure that all varieties meet our high quality standards and that a healthy and appropriate treat is guaranteed regardless of your choice.

Give dogs wholesome treats with dry meat

Give dogs wholesome treats with dry meat

Dry meat provides your dog with valuable proteins. At the same time, it is low in carbohydrates and extremely tasty. These properties make it the ideal dog treat that will make your four-legged friend happy between meals.

Thanks to its easy digestibility, our dry meat is also ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs, in which conventional dog snacks often cause discomfort.

The advantages of Bellfor dry meat for dogs at a glance:

  • Grain and gluten free
  • Without artificial flavours or preservatives
  • Made from 100% gently dried meat
  • Provides valuable proteins
  • Excellent in taste and easily digestible
  • A good choice for dogs of all ages and breeds

Dried meat for dogs with diabetes

Our dried meat contains no sugar and is therefore almost carbohydrate-free. This makes these tasty delicacies also a good choice for dogs with diabetes.

If you want to give your diabetic four-legged friend a little treat between meals, you have definitely made the right choice with dried meat for dogs from Bellfor.

Dry meat
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