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About Bellfor: Dog Food - like homemade.

Bellfor is a manufacturer of food, nutritional supplements and grooming products for dogs.

But what distinguishes us, and why should you give us preference, over other manufacturers when it comes to feeding your dog?

This is a good question which we would like to answer for you below.

The people behind Bellfor

We are an owner-managed family business in the second generation and have more than 30 years of experience in the production of dog food. We and our employees love animals. This is what we do every day anew.

What drives Bellfor dog food

Even though we have grown strongly in recent years and now sell our products in numerous European and Asian countries, Bellfor is not a large, faceless group. What we do, we do out of love for the dog.

Of course, we also have to earn money. But in our opinion, one thing must never be neglected. And that is the health of the animals. With all our products, we therefore pursue the goal of supporting you in the appropriate nutrition for your dog.

Quality is important for Bellfor

We attach particular importance to the quality of our feed. For this reason we only use raw materials of food quality. We do not consider slaughter waste or artificial additives.

In order to ensure consistent raw material quality, we rely on cooperation with regional suppliers. In this way, we know exactly where the ingredients for our products come from and how they are produced.

Innovations with Bellfor for the benefit of your dog

With the aim of constantly improving our product range, we continue to develop our product range in cooperation with our competent team of veterinarians and nutrition experts.

With insect protein as a substitute for conventional protein sources, we have been using a particularly innovative ingredient since 2016 in selected dry foods as well as in some of our nutritional supplements.

This may sound a bit strange, but it has a number of advantages for your dog. Insect protein is not only convincing because of its high biological value. In addition, the larvae of the black soldier fly, from which we produce our insect protein, do not get sick. This makes the use of antibiotics in breeding superfluous.

Also, it has virtually no allergy potential, making our dry dog food with insect protein the perfect alternative for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

Bellfor contributes to the protection of the environment

We are convinced that everyone should do their utmost to protect the environment. As a producer of dog food, we are no exception.

We make our contribution to the environment primarily through three things:

  • Regional suppliers (instead of lamb from New Zealand or goose from Canada) avoid long transport distances and the associated consumption of resources and emission of exhaust gases.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging ensures optimum protection of the feed and at the same time saves the environment.
  • Compared to breeding conventional livestock, the production of insect protein saves space, consumes significantly less energy and does not cause any greenhouse gases.

If you are satisfied, we are satisfied too

We do not only want to distinguish ourselves from the big manufacturers by the quality of our products. Beyond that it is also a special wish of ours to offer you a first-class service.

Some examples of Bellfor customer service:

  • Fast delivery of your order so that your dog doesn't have to wait long for his Bellfor food;
  • 100 days money back guarantee as we are convinced of the quality of our products;
  • Free nutritional advice where you can answer any questions you may have about feeding your dog.

Of course, we are always open to suggestions and customer requests. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve even further, please let us know.

Bellfor product range at a glance

Our range includes everything you need for the healthy nutrition of your dog. You will find different types of dry food, wet food, dog treats and food supplements for different purposes.

Safely order Bellfor dog food in our online shop and have it quickly delivered to your home.

Bellfor cereal-free dry food for dogs

The cereal-free dry food from Bellfor is characterized by its high-quality ingredients and provides your four-legged friend with all the necessary nutrients. If you attach particular importance to gentle production, we recommend the cold-pressed version of our dry food.

Gluten-free dog food from Bellfor

With the Bellfor Pur line, our range also includes dry feed containing cereals. Instead of cheap wheat, we use rice and corn. Both are gluten-free and much more digestible for your dog.

Natural, grain-free wet food for dogs

Does your dog prefer wet food to dry food? Then he will love the Bellfor Favourite Menu. Selected natural ingredients and lots of fresh meat ensure that the wet food not only tastes good for your dog but also does it good.

Healthy, grain-free dog biscuits and snacks

We should pay attention to the quality of, not only the food, but also the treats for your dog. With our cereal-free dog biscuits and snacks such as dried meat or lung cubes from regional origin you are in the right place.

Food supplements for dogs

Even if a good dog food provides your four-legged friend with all important nutrients, there are situations in which additional dietary supplements can be useful. Whether for kidney detoxification, for the strengthening of the joints or with a worm infection. Our food supplements for dogs contain only natural ingredients and are therefore effective and digestible at the same time.

Bellfor - naturally better

We have the ambition to always deliver the best possible quality for the benefit of your dog. We work hard every day to achieve this and always try to develop our products further and make them even better.

But convince yourself of this and trust us and our experience when it comes to the appropriate nutrition of your four-legged friend.

In case you are unsure which Bellfor dog food is the right one for your dog, simply use our free nutrition consultation. We will be happy to help you.


Our products are not only available online. You can also buy directly from us on site!

Here you can convince yourself of all Bellfor products and our friendly staff will be happy to inform you about everything to do with healthy, species-appropriate dog nutrition.

From wet and dry food to snacks, biscuits or dietary supplements: we are sure there is something suitable for your four-legged friend.

And if you bring it along directly: no problem, because who could judge better what tastes best?!

Visit us during the opening hours listed below. We are looking forward to seeing you and your furry pet(s)!

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Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.

Telephone arrangement: +49 (2255) 9573996.

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