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Dietary supplement for active dogs

Bellfor Special food for sporting dogs

Special dietary supplements can help sporting dogs to achieve the best results, to recover faster and to reduce the risk of injury. What has been a common practice of athletes for a long time, is increasingly becoming popular in dogs sport.

The sporting dogs have some special needs

Dogs sports are becoming more popular. Energy-consuming dogs sports, such as Canicross, favour with both dogs and their owners. But even if the sporting dogs are active and show good results in competitions, the sports training program produces a heavy load on their bodies.

For this reason, it is especially important to consider this in the sporting dogs diet. A sufficient supply of nutrients is rarely possible in case of a usual diet.

That is why it makes sense to provide the dog with special dietary supplements, which we include in our product line. Of course, we don’t mean that a four-legged athlete should increase effectiveness due to doubtful substances.

On the contrary, Bellfor nutritional supplements for sporting dogs are purely natural substances that provide the optimal nutrition. This increases the animals’ working capacity and at the same time helps them to faster recover after training.

At the moment, our product line of food supplements for sporting dogs includes the following products:

  • Premium dog food for sporty, active dogs - PREMIUM PUR Active - gluten-free (10 kg)
  • Food supplements Joints & Bones with Ovomet - 30 capsules
  • Food Supplements Joints & Bones - biscuits - 200 g
  • Fitness Nutritional Supplement - Fitness Powder - 250g
  • Fitness Nutritional Supplement - Fitness Bar - 400g
  • Fitness Package: Special offer for sports dogs

Premium Pur Active - gluten-free

Premium dog food for sporty, active dogs such as agility, Canicross or other sports. For hunting -, service - and working dogs with increased nutritional needs.

With two high-quality sources of protein from chicken meat and see fish, in food quality.

Food supplements Joints & Bones

Is your dog suffering of arthrosis, arthritis, hip dysplasia, HD? Food supplements Joints & Bones with Ovomet is the world’s first with unique combination of active ingredients!

Functional joints are the be-all and end-all of a long and healthy dog life. Yet many dogs suffer from hip dysplasia or other diseases and signs of wear of the musculoskeletal system such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. Due to there  pain by cartilage degradation, the dogs lose not only their mobility but also their joints.

Bellfor Joints & Bones for dogs can stop this painful inflammation process! Feeding Bellfor Joints & Bones, which includes a new and so far unique formula, can help relieve pain and promote the regeneration of your dog’s joints.

Bellfor Fitness Powder

Proteins are of particular importance in sports for dogs, as they provide development and maintenance of muscles. They strengthen the immune system, promote regeneration and provide an optimal of blood glucose level. Due to the burden of training and competition, the sporting dogs’ need for protein is increased. Taking into account this fact, we recommend using Bellfor Fitness Powder as a food supplement.

The insect protein contained in the powder is characterized by a complex structure of amino acids, so they are especially useful for the organism of a sporting dog.

Bellfor Fitness Reigel (Fitness Bars)

Bellfor Fitness Reigel (Fitness Bars) is intended for the sports with dogs and contains a mixture of carbohydrates and fats. Its high energy density ensures even small portions to provide enough calories.

Just as with humans, carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for the body, so it is with dogs. At least at the beginning of stress, they supply the body with energy. With longer loads, which are common for endurance sports, fats for energy production are becoming increasingly popular. Bellfor Fitness Reigel is characterized by a high content of middle chain fatty acids. These MCT fats metabolize faster and therefore are available faster than a carbohydrate energy.

Fitness package

We have composed our fitness package specially for the sporting dogs owners. In addition to the fitness bar and fitness powder, the fitness package also includes Bellfor Immune. All in all, the dog sports creates a body burden and, consequently, the animals need protection and support. Bellfor Immune helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce susceptibility to diseases (especially after the competition). So, this is an ideal addition to the Fitness Powder and Bar in our fitness package.

Bellfor: the convincing quality

We guarantee the first-class quality of our products for sporting dogs. During their development, we work closely together with veterinarians and nutrition specialists. Thus, we can ensure that our dog food and dietary supplements meet the special sporting dogs needs in the best possible way.

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