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Dietary supplement for sporty dogs - Fitness Riegel 400g + Fitness Pulver 250g + Immun Pulver 80g by Bellfod Dog Food

58.79 £ / 1 Kg
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58.79 £ / 1 Kg
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Dietary supplement for sporty dogs

Our fitness package includes our Bellfor Fitness Riegel 400g, Fitness Pulver 250g and Immun Pulver 80g!

Get this attractive offer for your dog!

Fitness Package: Special offer for sports dogs

Dog sport like Canicross is becoming more and more popular. To increase the performance of sports dogs, the usage of dietary supplements makes sense.For all owner of active dogs, we have put together a fitness package with our the most important products for sportive pets. This fitness package contains the Fitness Pulver, Fitness Riegel and Immun Pulver.

Why Bellfor Fitness Pulver

Proteins are especially important for sports dogs. In our fitness powder we use insect protein, because it is not only very well tolerated, but it can also be used very well by the dog's body. This ensures optimum protein supply during and after exercises.

Why Bellfor Fitness Riegel

In endurance sports, sportive dogs need a mixture of carbohydrates and fats for their energy supply. However, large portions of food are out of the question shortly before the exercise. Due to its high energy contains, the Bellfor Fitness Riegel is an ideal solution.

Why Bellfor Immun Pulver

Dog sport is exhausting and under certain circumstances can also weaken the immune system of sports dogs. And then it can lead to an increased susceptibility to infection. That is why Bellfor Immun must not be missing in our fitness package. The selected ingredients reliably strengthen the immune system of our lovely pet.

Grab your dog's weight and ensure optimal nutrition for your sport dogs thanks to our fitness package.


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