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Cold pressed dog food - grain free

Easily digestible for every dog - cold pressed dry food

Cold pressed dog food

Cold pressed dog food is a highly digestible food for your dog. It is made by gentle processes and is particularly suitable for older, sickly, vulnerable or very sensitive dogs. However, this dry food is also an all-round delicious and healthy food for the strong, healthy or less sensitive dog.

We make only dog food from the finest, natural ingredients. Bellfor’s grain free Forstbach-Schmaus (Forest Brook Feast), Naturgut-Schmaus (Natural Feast), Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast) and Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast) Junior contain plenty of high-quality fresh fish or chicken, freshly-picked and vitamin-rich vegetables and more selected ingredients with essential and wholesome nutrients. During the gentle compressed method, which has its origin in the food industry, the temperature doesn't exceed 55 degrees because that way we can also rule out the risk of salmonella.

The low heat during pressing ensures that very important nutrients, for example vitamins, are preserved in the processing of the dry food so you can offer your dog a food mixture that is of high quality and very nutritious. The food contains no synthetic flavourings, preservatives and no genetically modified substances.

Highly digestible dry food

Cold pressed dog food is highly digestible and is also used as a BARF alternative. BARF refers to feeding dogs with fresh meat, bones and raw vegetables. The needs of mature, healthy dogs are very well met with this diet, therefore, the formula of our cold pressed dog food was developed in such a way that its optimal ratio of all essential vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals is very close to that of BARF.

In contrast to BARF, cold-pressed dog food requires less effort when feeding and is great for long-term storage. You can order it easily and quickly online and have it delivered within a very short time.

Another advantage of cold-pressed dry food is to safely avoid diseases due to under or over supply of nutrients, which now frequently happens with BARF. Dogs that once experienced problems with dry food will most probably tolerate Forstbach-Schmaus (Forest Brook Feast), Naturgut-Schmaus (Natural Feast), Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast) and Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast) Junior very well, since all the ingredients of are without grain and are of the highest quality.

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