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Freiland-Schmaus (Free-Range feast) - Chicken - grain-freeGrain-free extruded dry dog food:Very dige..

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Golden Retriever Food from Bellfor The Golden Retriever was originally bred for retrieval during hu..

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High quality puppy food for large breeds from BellforPuppies have special nutritional needs. If thes..
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Naturgut-Schmaus - Insects - Grain-Free Cold-pressed - 10 kgUnfortunately, the item is currently not..

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Deal no. 3Take 3, pay 2!Deal No. 3 includes our Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast) and our meat s..

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Forstbach-Schmaus - Salmon & Trout - Cereal free cold pressed - 10 kgCereal-free dry dog food pr..

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Gelenke & Knochen (Joints & Bones) - Biscuits - 200g Healthy joints, ligaments and tendon..

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Grain-free soft snacks - the healthy treat for at home and on the goThis Mix 3 Soft-snacks contains ..

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Wiesen-Schmaus Junior - chicken - grain-free cold-pressed - 10 kgGrain-free dry dog food obtained by..

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Wiesen-Schmaus - Chicken - grain-free cold-pressed - 10 kg Grain-free dry dog food obtain..

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Bellfor Haut & Fell (Skin & Coat) - Powder - 250gBellfor Haut & Fell (Skin & Coat) -..

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Golden Retriever food - premium quality from Bellfor

The Golden Retriever is a British dog breed which is listed by the FCI in group 8. The Golden Retriever, originally bred as a retriever for hunting, is considered gentle and balanced and is therefore a popular family dog.

Golden Retrievers are characterized by their amiable nature and are considered to be extremely trustful. A pronounced protective instinct is not present with this breed. This is certainly one of the reasons why Golden Retrievers are best suited as family dogs.

Golden Retrievers are very peaceful and calm. At the same time, however, they also have a pronounced instinct for movement and must be sufficiently challenged both mentally and physically. You have to consider this fact not only when planning your everyday life, but also when choosing the food for your Golden Retriever.

Due to hereditary predispositions, the Golden Retriever has at least a partial increased risk of developing elbow dysplasia. The same applies to hip dysplasia, which this breed often suffers from as well.

Golden Retrievers Food

The best way to counteract the chronic joint diseases of the Golden Retriever is a balanced and needs-based diet.

This does not completely rule out hip and elbow dysplasia, but at least reduces the general risk and severity of the disease.

In addition to the dietary supplement Joints & Bones, we recommend special, natural dog food from Bellfor for the prevention of joint problems. 

In addition, large breeds such as the Golden Retriever have an increased risk of a life-threatening rotation of the stomach. To counteract this, Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus is ideal as a cold-pressed dry food. 

Our outdoor menu provides some variety on the menu. Just like our cold-pressed dry food, the wet food is very digestible thanks to the absence of cereals and artificial additives and ensures that your Golden Retriever is optimally supplied with all important nutrients through its food.

As a reward during training or as a small treat for in between, we recommend for your Golden Retriever our cereal-free free-range snacks with extra meat in food quality.

We would like to support you in the best possible way in feeding your dog according to his needs. For this reason we offer your Golden Retriever food as a set at a special price. Make sure you get our cheap savings set and get an additional 10 percent discount the next time you order food for your Golden Retriever.

Our food set for Golden Retrievers at a glance:

Because Bellfor's nutrition concept supports the health and well-being of your Golden Retriever from an early age.