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Medium sized dog breeds

The FCI divides dog breeds into 10 different groups. For laymen, however, the size of the dog is more likely to play a role in the purchase of a dog. For this reason, dogs are often distinguished between small, large and medium-sized breeds on the basis of shoulder height.

Among the medium-sized dog breeds are those whose shoulder height ranges from 40 to 59 centimetres. Weight and appearance can vary greatly. For example, the Beagle with a weight of nine kilos or more is a medium-sized dog, as is the Labrador, which can weigh up to 36 kilos.

Overview of popular medium-sized dog breeds


There are numerous medium-sized dog breeds among which prospective dog owners can choose. Which dog is best suited depends on various factors, such as the housing situation and the experience of the future owner.

The following medium-sized breeds are particularly popular:

  • Appenzell Mountain Dog
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Bull terrier
  • Border collie
  • Labrador retriever
  • Shiba Inu
  • Samoyed
  • Husky
  • Dalmatian

The Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog reaches a shoulder height of 50 to 56 centimetres and a weight of up to 32 kilograms. The medium-sized dog breed originates from Switzerland and was originally bred as a herding dog. The persevering animals have a high urge to move and need sufficient physical and mental activity.

The Australian Shepherd

With a weight of 16 to 32 kilos, the Australian Shepherd reaches a maximum shoulder height of 58 centimetres. The medium-sized dog breed is a herding dog and originates from North America. Despite his pronounced protective instinct, the Australian Shepherd can be educated well with a little consistency and also proves to be fond of children.

The Beagle

The Beagle is a medium sized dog breed from Great Britain. Thanks to its playful and child-friendly nature, it is a popular family dog that attaches great importance to harmony. However, he sometimes proves to be stubborn in everyday life, which is why consistency in his upbringing is essential.

The Bull Terrier

Bullterriers have a bad reputation and belong in some federal states to the list dogs. The medium-sized dog breed has a playful and sensitive nature, which has made it a popular family dog. With the right education Bullterrier prove to be extremely fond of children and patient.

The Border Collie

Border collies are up to 53 centimeters tall and weigh around 20 kilograms. The medium-sized dogs have a very strong protective instinct, which is why it is important that they respect their owners. Border Collies have a high urge to move, which can be satisfied, for example, with various dog sports.

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever comes from Newfoundland and was originally bred as a retriever dog. Today, however, the medium-sized dog breed is one of the most popular family dogs. Labradors are easy to train and prove to be very child-friendly. They are intelligent and persistent and love to let off steam.

The Shiba Inu

The Japanese Shiba Inu reaches a shoulder height of up to 40 centimeters and a weight of about 11 kilograms. The medium-sized dog breed is regarded as headstrong and is known for never completely submitting to the will of its owner. For this reason the Shiba Inu is only conditionally suitable for inexperienced dog owners.

The Samoyed

The Samojede is a medium-sized dog breed from Siberia, which was originally used as a sledge and herding dog. The stubborn nature of the Samoyed leads to the fact that a certain consequence is necessary in his education. Inexperienced dog owners should therefore rather decide for another breed.

The Husky

Like the Samoyed, the Husky originates from Siberia. The medium-sized dog breed is known for its great stamina and its excellent suitability as a sled dog. Huskies need a lot of attention and exercise. As classic herd animals they are only conditionally suitable for single keeping.

The Dalmatian

One of the most striking features of the Dalmatian is undoubtedly its white coat with distinctive spots, which can be black or brown. The medium-sized dogs need a lot of exercise, which is why they are especially suitable for active dog owners. The sensitive animals should be raised lovingly and prove to be reliable family dogs.

Bellfor expert tip: Dalmatians have a genetic defect that requires low-purine dog food. We recommend to use our products with insect protein for this purpose.

Health problems with medium-sized dog breeds

Most medium-sized dog breeds are considered to be very robust. However, this does not mean that they cannot become ill. The individual complaints the animals tend to have depend greatly on the breed in question.

For example, the following health problems can occur in medium-sized dogs:

  • The Appenzell Mountain Dog is prone to joint diseases.
  • The Beagle often suffers from intervertebral disc problems.
  • With the Husky there is an increased risk for skin diseases.

In addition, feed allergies are not uncommon even with medium-sized dog breeds. To counteract this, we recommend feeding our hypoallergenic dog food with insect protein from the larvae of the black soldier fly.

The right diet for medium-sized dog breeds

The health and well-being of medium-sized dogs can be best supported with a species-appropriate diet. In this context, pay attention to the energy requirements of your four-legged friend, which is influenced by the age and weight of the animal, among other things.

In addition, give preference to high-quality dog food from natural ingredients to avoid intolerances and an inadequate supply of nutrients.

In addition, various food supplements can be useful to prevent discomfort or deficiency symptoms. For example, use Bellfor Joints & Bones for medium breeds where there is an increased risk of joint problems.

The Bellfor Nutrition Concept for Medium Breed Dogs

Bellfor's special nutrition concept is ideal for medium-sized dog breeds. Our high-quality products made from natural ingredients help you to feed your dog in a way that is appropriate for its species and ensure optimal digestibility.

The best thing to do is to use our online nutritionist and in just a few moments you will be shown individual recommendations for your medium-sized dog.

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