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Bellfor pure: can cheap dog food still be good quality?

At Bellfor, we are convinced that all dogs deserve a breed-appropriate diet that is tailored to their needs. Alongside our cereal-free Country Feast range, we aim to fulfil this need with our Bellfor Premium Pure range.

In this article, you’ll learn what makes our Premium Pure dry dog food so special, and why we are confident that your pet will love it too.

What’s inside is what matters

In many cases, dry dog food appears at first glance to fulfill the needs of our four-legged friends. However, as soon as you take a closer look at the list of ingredients, it quickly becomes clear that plenty of unpleasant things hide behind the appealing packaging.

For instance, it is not unusual for the proportion of cereal content to be so high that it forms the majority of the ingredients. Dogs certainly can digest starchy food, but if there is too much of it, digestive problems such as diarrhea ensue.

After all, dogs are basically carnivores and their body is adapted to consume animal fats and proteins as the bulk of their diet.

In addition, wheat in particular can contribute to food intolerance. Unfortunately, wheat is also the most widely used cereal ingredient in dog foods. 

Finally, it is common to use so-called animal by-products as a protein source. However, these are nothing other than waste from meat production, which is unfit for human consumption.

Bellfor Premium Pure is different

With Bellfor Premium Pure, we have consciously taken a different path. With a particularly high meat content, which can be up to 65% depending on the variety, we ensure that tour furry friend receives enough animal protein.

In addition, with Bellfor Pure, we have avoided the use of wheat; instead, we prefer rice and maize as gluten-free alternatives, because these cereal verities are much easier for your dog to digest.

Finally, we really focus on the quality of our raw materials. That means that we exclusively use food-grade ingredients and, wherever possible, we prefer to source our ingredients from producers located in our region.

An overview of the varieties

Whether your dog is a canine athlete or a young pup, you can currently choose from four different varieties of food that is suitable for your four-legged friend.

Premium Pure Active

Premium Pure Active is a dry food that has been specially developed for particularly active dogs, such as sporting breeds, during their training and competitive phases. As well as a high protein content, Pure Active is high in fat, which is a valuable energy source during longer periods of exertion.

Premium Pure MeatPlus

Unsurprisingly, the MeatPlus variety of our Premium Pure dry dog food has a particularly high meat content of 61%, for which we use food-grade chicken.

Premium Pure Kids

Bellfor Premium Pure Kids represents an ideal source of nutrition for puppies and young dogs, as well as for pregnant or lactating bitches, with a meat content that can be as high as 65%.

Premium Pure Vital

Premium Pure  VitalPlus is the fourth flavour in our Premium Pure range. With 57% lamb, VitalPlus food is also high in animal protein, thus offering your dog exactly what its body needs.


Are you looking for high-quality dry food at a fair price?  If so, Bellfor Premium Pure is exactly the right choice for you. The carefully selected ingredients, and its formulation that is free from wheat and artificial additives, make this food both tasty and easily digestible. Give it a try and see for yourself; we are sure that your dog will be just as impressed by Bellfor Premium Pure as you are!

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