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How can you help fight ear infections in your dog?

Ear infection

Does your dog constantly scratch his ears, shake his head or often hold it crooked? Then there is a good chance that he has an ear infection.

As with humans, this also causes pain in your dog. You will notice this, among other things, because he does not like to be touched by the head, appears restless and may even become aggressive. 

The inflammation can also cause loss of appetite, fatigue and fever. Then at the latest it is high time to do something about it.

Because apart from the inflammation itself, the itching and aching ears can also indicate another very serious problem. In this article we explain what this is and what you can do about it.

What ear infections have to do with the kidneys

Ear infections can have various causes. For example, they can be caused by mites and other parasites. In addition, feed allergies or foreign bodies in the ear can also cause the inflammation. 

Some breeds also have a hereditary predisposition that makes them particularly susceptible to ear infections. 

Apart from that, there is another possible cause which is completely unknown to most dog owners. This is because ear infections are often caused by problems with the kidneys. 

The kidney is an important filtering organ. It is actually its task to filter pollutants out of the body. It has to perform at its best day after day. Accordingly, it is essential that it functions smoothly.

However, harmful external influences can influence its functionality in the long term, so that it can no longer perform its actual task properly. 

As a result of this malfunction, the harmful substances then remain in the animal's body and accumulate there. This then manifests itself in numerous (often unspecific) complaints and can also trigger an ear infection.

Although it does not look like this at first glance, it can often be useful to detoxify the kidneys if the ears are inflamed. If the kidneys are able to work properly again, the toxins will disappear from the body first and with them many other complaints.

Kidney problems are not easy to recognise

Due to the unclear symptoms kidney problems are very difficult to diagnose. Even in the blood count, they can only be recognized when the damage has already progressed very far. Often the coat nose then has to struggle with complaints for the rest of its life.

For this reason, you should also take comparatively harmless complaints such as itchy or inflamed ears seriously. Prevent kidney problems right from the start and avoid kidney insufficiency or possibly even kidney failure developing from them.  

Our recommendation

To detoxify the kidneys, we recommend that you use a natural dietary supplement such as Bellfor Kidney Strength. Bellfor Kidney Strength contains only natural active ingredients such as nettle seeds. This makes the application particularly gentle for your dog and does not burden his body unnecessarily.

At the same time, harmful substances are effectively removed from the body and the normal function of the kidneys is supported. Irrespective of acute complaints, the use of Bellfor Kidney Strength every six months can help maintain kidney health and prevent problems.

Food allergies can also cause itchy ears in dogs

In addition to kidney problems, itchy ears in dogs are in many cases also caused by intolerances and feed allergies. To counteract this, we recommend switching to our hypoallergenic varieties Landgut-Menü, Naturgut-Schmaus and Landgut-Schmaus.

Due to the insect protein it contains, the food has practically no allergy potential, so that even severe feed allergies can be reliably controlled and the itching of the dog's ears caused by these allergies disappears quickly.

Natural care for itchy dog ears

To relieve your dog's discomfort and reduce itching and inflammation of the ears, we also recommend the use of Bellfor Ear Care Drops.

The natural care product contains selected ingredients such as chamomile and castor oil, so that a gentle yet effective care of your dog's ears is guaranteed.

Bellfor Ear Care Drops are therefore ideal for counteracting itchy or inflamed ears in your dog and effectively reducing the symptoms together with Bellfor Kidney Strength.

Bellfor savings tip for allergic dogs with itchy ears

We have put together saver sets with selected products from our range especially for nutrition-sensitive dogs with itchy and inflamed ears. You can order the sets containing hypoallergenic dog food with insect protein, Bellfor Kidney Strength and Ear Care Drops for your dog at a reduced price.

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