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Ear infection in dogs - what helps?

Unfortunately, ear infections are not uncommon in dogs. The disease is usually associated with great pain for the animal and should therefore be taken seriously.

In this article we will discuss the various causes of ear infections in dogs and explain what symptoms can occur. You will also learn everything you need to know about diagnosis and treatment.

These symptoms indicate an ear infection

Ear infection in dogs

Basically, it's hardly possible that you won't notice an ear infection in your dog. This is because he will be very noticeable to you because of his pain alone.

Among other things, you will notice that your dog often holds his head crooked or shakes it back and forth. In addition, he will often scratch his ears or even rub them on the floor.

As ear infection usually causes severe pain in your dog, he will also be reluctant to be touched by the head. He will become restless and his sleep will also suffer from the inflammation over time.

Sometimes it can also happen that your four-legged friend becomes aggressive. If the ear inflammation is not treated promptly, fever, loss of appetite and exhaustion are added.

Signs on the ear itself

Also a closer look at the affected ear usually shows corresponding signs quickly. In the case of inflammation, the ear is usually reddened and swollen and often secretes a liquid or purulent secretion.

Possible causes of ear infections

An ear infection can have quite different causes in dogs. In many cases, however, it is not caused by a particular reason, but by a combination of different factors.

Hereditary predisposition

Due to their hereditary predisposition, some dog breeds tend to develop ear infections. These include the cocker spaniel, which forms a lot of sebum, and the shar pei because of its narrow ear canals.


Allergies in dogs can also lead to inflammation of the ears. This can be the case, for example, with atopic dermatitis, which is caused by house dust mites and pollen, or a feed allergy.

In case of a feed allergy we recommend our varieties Landgut-Schmaus, Naturgut-Schmaus and Landgut-Menü with insect protein.

As experiences of our customers have shown, the change to the hypoallergenic dog food helps very well against food allergies and associated ear infections in dogs.

Hypoallergenic food and ear care at a budget price

If your dog's inflamed ears are due to a food allergy, it is important not only to change the food, but also to support the kidneys and to gently take care of the ears.

In order to support you in this, we have put together special sets with suitable products for nutrition-sensitive dogs with inflamed ears, which you can order in our shop at a discount price.

Wrong ear care

Furthermore, incorrect ear care also causes irritation and then finally inflammation of the ears. For this reason you should avoid the use of cotton swabs and unsuitable ear cleaners. You should also avoid plucking your dog's hair out of his ear.


Parasites such as ticks and mites can also cause ear infections in your dog. For example, if a tick bites the ear, it irritates the skin and can ultimately cause the affected area to become inflamed.

Foreign body

The same applies to foreign bodies that have become lodged in the ear. If, for example, sand or dirt from playing outdoors remains in the ear too long, this will also lead to ear inflammation sooner or later or at least significantly increase the risk.

Other possible causes

In addition, there are countless other causes that can be responsible for ear infections in dogs.

These include the following:

  • drug intolerances
  • virus infections (e.g. herpes)
  • bacteria
  • cracks and holes in the eardrum
  • bite wounds of conspecifics
  • fungal infections
  • autoimmune diseases

Kidney problems

Another little-known but common cause of ear infections in dogs is kidney problems. The kidneys are an important filtering organ and free the body from toxins and harmful metabolites.

If they are overloaded and limited in their ability to function, the kidneys are no longer able to perform this task. As a result, more and more harmful substances are deposited in the body of the four-legged friend.

This causes a whole range of health problems, including the increased occurrence of ear infections.


In case of ear infection it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian. Only a veterinarian will be able to determine the exact cause of the inflammation in your coat nose. In addition, an exact examination of the ears is only possible by a specialist with suitable instruments. For example, you would not be able to detect any damage to the eardrum alone.

Treatment options

An ear infection can drag on for a long time. The treatment therefore requires some patience. Which steps the veterinarian recommends depends on the exact cause. Of course, this has to be removed for a successful healing.

In addition, medical rinsing solutions are usually used. With these the ears can be cleaned and freed from encrustations. If necessary the veterinary surgeon prescribes in addition tablets against the ear inflammation.

The use of cotton swabs and similar products should be avoided in case of ear infection. This will cause your dog additional pain and damage him more than you use him.

Our recommendation for feeding dogs suffering from ear infections

In addition to administering Bellfor Kidney Strength and Bellfor Immune, it is advisable to change the food for dogs that are prone to ear infections. For this purpose, we recommend that you opt for our Naturgut-Schmaus or our Landgut-Menu.

Bellfor Naturgut-Schmaus is grain-free, cold-pressed dry food with insect protein. Bellfor Landgut-Menu is grain-free wet food with insect protein. Both varieties are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for dogs with food allergies. In addition, thanks to the easy digestibility of the insect protein, they can help relieve overburdened kidneys.

The switch therefore helps to naturally counteract two common causes of ear infections in dogs.

Food supplements for ear infections

Since ear infections in dogs, as mentioned, are often related to kidney problems, it can also be useful to detoxify them with a dietary supplement.

With Bellfor Kidney Strength, we have developed a product that does this in a gentle way. A selected blend of herbs, including horsetail, birch leaves and nettle seeds, naturally stimulates kidney function and helps to remove toxins from the body.

There is a good chance that the inflammation of the ears will disappear soon after the kidney treatment.

In order to strengthen your dog's immune system, we also recommend feeding Bellfor Immune after detoxifying the kidneys. Thanks to ingredients such as insect protein and propolis, this supports the immune system and helps your dog to stay healthy.

Bellfor ear care drops for dogs

If you want to counteract ear infection in your dog, we recommend that you support the treatment with Bellfor Ear Care Drops. This natural product is suitable for all breeds and is ideal for the gentle care of aching dog ears.

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