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Premium dry food for dogs: Landgut and Naturgut feast

Premium dry food

The question of whether wet or dry food is the better choice occupies many dog owners. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, wet food is particularly tasty and is also very suitable if you have to give your dog medication. Especially older animals often cope better with the soft food.

At the same time, however, feeding your dog with wet food is considerably more expensive, as you will need larger quantities due to the high water content.

Dry food can therefore be a cheap and practical alternative. It has a long shelf life, is easy to portion and contributes to dental care by chewing.

The quality is decisive

Whether you should feed wet or dry food depends primarily on the preferences of your coat nose. While one dog prefers the soft consistency of the wet food, the other loves the crispy dry food.

And ultimately, it's not so much the type as the quality of the food that matters. Because even with a high-quality dry food you can provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs.

The following points are particularly important:

  • The food should not contain any grain. (Grain causes incompatibilities with many coat noses.)
  • A high meat content is important. (The digestive tract of dogs is designed for the utilization of animal proteins.)
  • Animal by-products are a No Go. (This is usually production waste that must not be used for humans.)
  • A good dry food does not need any artificial additives. (Also these can favor allergies and incompatibilities.)

Of course, the land feast, the dry food from Bellfor, fulfils all these criteria. All varieties contain only natural ingredients and are free of cereals.

Instead, we use freshly harvested vegetables and food-grade meat. In this way we ensure that our dry food tastes good, is easy to digest and your dog gets all the nutrients he needs.

Also available with insect protein

With the varieties "Landgut-Schmaus" and "Naturgut-Schmaus" we now also offer our grain-free dry food with insect protein.

This sounds unusual at first

At second glance, however, the feed convinces with its particularly good compatibility, its high-quality amino acid profile and its very low allergy potential.

Both varieties contain around 82 percent insect protein. This high proportion of animal proteins ensures that the food is optimally adapted to the needs of your dog.

But that is not all. Because country estate and natural property feast are not only grain-free and protein-rich. In addition, as with our other dry foods, we naturally only use natural ingredients.

This makes the feed rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which among other things inhibit inflammation in the body.

Apart from that, the feed also contains inulin for a healthy intestine and prebiotics to strengthen the immune system.

With Bellfor Landgut- und Naturgut-Schmaus you ensure a digestible and species-appropriate diet for your dog.

Thanks to the insect protein used, the food is also perfect for allergy sufferers and nutritionally sensitive animals.

Whether in the cold-pressed version as a natural good feast or extruded as a country good feast. We are sure that our dry food with insect protein will also inspire you and your dog.

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