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Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed of dog that originated in Switzerland. The FCI has the Bernese Mountain Dog in Group 2. The breed was originally bred as a draught animal and guard dog and is characterized by a balanced and self-confident nature.

Characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The height at withers of the Bernese Mountain Dog is 64 to 70 centimetres for males, while females are slightly smaller at 58 to 66 centimetres.

There is no standard for weight, although it is usually between 38 and 60 kilograms. The life expectancy of the Bernese Mountain Dog at 10 to 12 years is normal for large dogs.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a powerful yet balanced physique. His strong head shows a clear stop. Lips and nose are black, eyes dark brown.

The coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog is long and slightly wavy. Its basic colour is black, with reddish-brown markings above the eyes, on the cheeks and the legs. Characteristic is also the white colouring on the muzzle, larynx, chest, paws and tail tip.

Bernese Mountain Dog Character and Character

Bernese Mountain Dogs are well-balanced and good-natured and are also very relaxed towards strangers. Their attention and courageous character make them an excellent watchdog, but they should not be kept in a kennel. For the Bernese Mountain Dog, attention and attachment to the family are very important.

The affectionate animals can be educated with some consequence very well and prove themselves with sufficient affection as faithful and extremely child-love family dogs.

Activities with the Bernese Mountain Dog

Due to its size, the Bernese Mountain Dog lacks mobility for many dog sports.

However, the teachable animals are always happy about physical work, be it as a draught dog or when searching for tracks. These characteristics make them an ideal rescue dog.

Even if dog sport such as agility is not one of their strengths, there are some sports that are very suitable for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

These include, for example:

  • Clicker training
  • Obedience

Bernese Mountain Dog Diseases

As with practically all large dog breeds, there is also an increased risk of hip and elbow dysplasia in the Bernese Mountain Dog. These chronic joint diseases are often associated with severe pain and progressive loss of mobility.

In addition, various causes can lead to chronic kidney problems or even complete renal failure in Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog Food

In order to support the health of the Bernese Mountain Dog and to reduce the risk of the above-mentioned diseases, in addition to a special food, various dietary supplements are a sensible part of the daily diet.

Bellfor Gelenke & Knochen (Joints & Bones) are perfect for counteracting hip or elbow dysplasia, while kidney problems can be prevented naturally with Bellfor Nierenkraft (Kidney Strength).

The Bellfor nutrition concept supports the health and well-being of your Bernese Mountain Dog from an early age.

Now put together the food for your Bernese Mountain Dog!

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