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Favorite menu: the new healthy wet food for dogs from Bellfor

So far, Bellfor has focused primarily on the development of high-quality, grain-free dry food. In addition, there are for some time also various dietary supplement that can help, for example, with discomfort with the joints or problems with skin and coat.

Wet food we had not yet on offer. But that changes immediately with the appearance of our favorite menu.

High quality wet food for dogs

With our new favorite menu, you (and of course your dog) will no longer have to forego the usual high Bellfor quality when it comes to wet food.

During development, we paid particular attention to the composition and quality of the raw materials used. Like all our products, the Bellfor favorite menu is of course free from cereals and artificial additives.

Instead, the feed contains fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. In addition, it convinces by a particularly high meat content, which is an impressive 64 percent. In this way, we ensure that your dog can easily meet its need for animal protein.

By the way, unlike the wet food of many well-known brands, our favorite menu contains no so-called animal by-products, such as wastes and leftovers from meat production. Instead, we only use meat and offal in food quality.

These varieties are available

Currently our favorite menu is available in three different varieties. You can choose between the open-land menu with chicken and the heath menu with lamb.

The selection is completed by the estate menu. This is the variant with insect protein.

As with our two dry fodder varieties, farm and natural feast, we use proteins derived from the larvae of the black soldier fly in the estate menu.

Insect proteins offer many benefits

The use of insect proteins has many advantages. Among other things, the unusual protein source convinces with its complex amino acid profile and good tolerability.

Insect protein has all 10 amino acids that are essential for dogs. This ensures optimal care of the four-legged friend.

In addition to insect protein, the estate menu also contains insect fat. Its high content of lauric acid has an antibacterial effect, strengthens the immune system and promotes good cardiovascular health.

Also for sensitive animals a good choice

Due to its high-quality ingredients, as well as the absence of cereals and artificial additives, the Bellfor favorite menu is also suitable for nutritionally sensitive fur noses very well.

For dogs that suffer from a food allergy, especially the estate menu with insect protein is recommended. Because this protein source has almost no allergy potential.

Try it and see for yourself the quality of our wet food. We are sure that we will also delight your dog.

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