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The Havanese belongs to the small dog breeds and originates from the Mediterranean area along the Italian and Spanish coast. Today, the Havanese, which is led by the FCI in group 9, is a popular dog worldwide, who also gets along with children very well.

Characteristics of the Havanese

The Havanese's weight ranges from four to eight kilos, while its size is 23 to 27 centimetres. Like most smaller dogs, the Havanese becomes comparatively old, with an average life expectancy of approximately 13 to 15 years.

It has a long top coat, which can be both smooth and wavy. The colouring of the coat ranges from light yellow to tobacco brown and can be spotted as well as with black markings.

Havanese nature and character

Havanese are very bright dogs. They prove to be intelligent and willing to learn and due to their size they can also be kept very well as a housedog. As a companion and family dog the Havanese convinces with his gentle nature and his uncomplicated nature. He loves to cuddle and to play and is especially in the center of his family.

In addition, the Havanese is extremely vigilant, which can put the patience of his master and mistress to the test.

Havanese activity

Activities with the Havanese

Although the Havanese is very small, his urge to move should by no means be underestimated. The active animals want to be challenged physically and mentally. Whether walking, playing or romping around. As long as its small size is taken into account, there is hardly any activity that does not inspire the Havanese.

Even some dog sports are suitable for him. To be mentioned here for example:

  • trick dogging
  • dog dancing

Havanese diseases and nutrition

Havanese people are extremely robust and generally enjoy excellent health. In contrast to many other dog breeds, Havanese dogs do not suffer from diseases typical of their breed.

Its long fur needs nevertheless sufficient care.

To keep it that way, you should pay particular attention to a balanced diet and choose high-quality dog food with an optimal nutrient composition.

The Bellfor nutrition concept supports you in promoting the health and development of your Havanese at an early age.

Bellfor dog food for the Havanese at a bargain price

To prevent overweight, Havanese need an appropriate amount of a high-quality dog food that provides them with all the important nutrients they need.

To support you in feeding your Havanese in a balanced way, we have put together a special savings set with dog food and other high-quality products from the Bellfor range for you.

The savings set for the Havanese at a glance

The food set for Havanese contains our Landgut-Schmaus Mini, a grain-free dry food that can be eaten very well by smaller dog breeds thanks to its adapted kibble size. The insect protein from the larvae of Hermetia illucens in Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus is also particularly digestible and easy to digest, so the dog food provides your Havanese with optimal animal protein.

The set also contains our Landgut-Happen, particularly tasty and digestible dog treats without grain, and Shiimun Immun, a natural food supplement that can help to support your Havanese's immune system.

Now put together the food for your Havanese!

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