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Food set for puppies with giardia - Landgut-Menu Junior 6x400g + Dry Duck Meat 100g + Vermal Powder 80g by Bellfor Dog Food

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£35.79 £41.35
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Bellfor food set for puppies with giardia

Giardia are widespread in dogs. Especially in puppies it is important to counteract the parasite infestation in a timely manner. To support you in this, we have put together a special food set for puppies with giardia.

The economy set consists of our cereal-free Landgut-Menu Junior, duck meat strips and Bellfor Vermal Powder and is ideal to counteract giardia in your puppy in a digestible way.

Giardia are especially dangerous for puppies

According to studies, probably every fifth dog in Germany is affected by Giardia. Accordingly, the tiny intestinal parasites are often a problem for puppies. The symptoms of giardiasis range from vomiting and diarrhoea to flatulence, fever and loss of appetite.

Giardia is particularly dangerous for puppies. This is because the parasites can significantly impair the intestinal health and the immune system of the small four-legged friends and thus sooner or later promote further diseases. If your puppy is suffering from giardia, you should definitely do something about it as soon as possible.

What helps against giardia in puppies?

Giardia is a very persistent disease and is very difficult to get rid of. To control the parasite infestation in your puppy, comprehensive hygiene measures are needed in his environment.

In addition, a low-carbohydrate diet and the creation of an environment in the intestines that is hostile to giardians are essential measures you must take to control giardiasis in your puppy.

Low-carbohydrate feeding for puppies with giardia

The giardia feed in the puppy's intestines on carbohydrates that the puppy takes in through its food. By largely dispensing with carbohydrates, the parasites can be deprived of their livelihood and uncontrolled reproduction can be stopped.

Bellfor Landgut-Menü Junior is our cereal-free wet food for young dogs. This tasty food contains insects (black soldier flies) as a digestible source of high-quality animal proteins as well as zucchini and pumpkin to keep the carbohydrate content low.

In addition, our food set for puppies with giardia contains dried duck meat as a natural and low-carbohydrate dog snack for in-between meals.

Vermal powder for an intestinal environment hostile to giardia

In addition to a low carbohydrate diet, we recommend that puppies with gardias are given a dietary supplement containing our Vermal Powder. This natural preparation helps to create an intestinal environment that is hostile to giardians.

Since Bellfor Vermal Powder contains only natural ingredients, there are no undesirable side effects to be feared.

Our food set for puppies with giardia at a glance:

Feeding recommendation

Do not feed your puppy with giardia any other food or treats for at least four weeks and during this time only use the products from our food set.

Together with consistent hygiene in your household, this will create the ideal conditions for you to soon get a permanent grip on the infestation of giardia in your puppy.

Your advantages with Bellfor products for puppies with giardia:

  • Free of artificial additives
  • Optimal effectiveness without undesirable side effects
  • High quality ingredients from selected suppliers
  • Developed by veterinarians and recommended by dog owners
  • Suitable for puppies of all breeds


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