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Dog with overweight: this is how it works with the diet

Obesity is widespread in Germany and has long since ceased to be confined to humans alone. Also more and more dogs suffer from overweight and the bad consequences that this often has for their health.

Although some diseases can also be responsible for this, in most cases the owner is to blame for the fact that his dog is overweight. How to recognize if your four-legged friend is too fat and how to get his weight under control, you will learn below.

Overweight makes dogs sick

Dog overweight

Overweight is far more than an optical problem in dogs. A too high body weight not only restricts the mobility of the four-legged friends, but can also make seriously ill in the long run.

If your dog is too fat, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and skin problems increases. In addition, the excess kilos strain the musculoskeletal system, which is why obese dogs very often suffer from joint diseases.

Last but not least, you can also assume that the life expectancy of your four-legged friend will be significantly shortened due to overweight. If you want to avoid all this, you should do something promptly.

Is my dog overweight?

Of course, the physique differs greatly from breed to breed. Nevertheless, there are some signs (besides the weight of the dog) that a dog suffers from overweight.

A clearly spread back, a barely visible waist and a thickened tail are clear signs that your dog has become too fat. This also applies in the case that the ribs of the four-legged friend can no longer be felt without further ado.

Does an overweight dog have to go to the vet?

If your dog is overweight and you want to do something about it, a visit to the vet can be a good first step. This is especially true if your four-legged friend is very obese.

On the one hand, the vet can rule out diseases as a possible cause of obesity. On the other hand, he can check your dog's state of health and help you to create an individual weight loss plan for your dog.

How it works with the diet

If the veterinarian could exclude during his investigations a previous illness which can be treated as cause for the predominance of your dog, it is time to put the quadruped on diet. This is the only way to control your dog's weight and avoid the health consequences of obesity.

If your dog suffers from overweight, we recommend that you follow the following rules and tips:

  • Reduce the portion sizes.
  • Rely on food with low energy density.
  • Be careful with the snacks.
  • Do not give your dog anything from the table.
  • Make sure you get enough exercise
  • Let your four-legged friend work for his food.
  • Dogs with overweight need a consistent owner.
  • The right portion sizes for overweight dogs

If you want your dog to lose weight, it is first and foremost necessary to reduce his energy intake. To do this, you need to reduce the daily food rations so that the energy intake is lower than the animal's actual energy requirements.

The right food avoids excessive hunger

Of course, your dog will notice that he suddenly gets less to eat. In order to avoid excessive hunger and frustration, we recommend that you give preference to wet food over dry food. Thanks to a significantly lower energy density, relatively large portions are also possible during the diet.

Too many snacks make dogs fat

Dog snacks serve many owners as a reward for good behavior or small attention for in between. Unfortunately, they are also associated with a not to be underestimated amount of calories. If you want to do something about your dog's overweight, you should therefore do without additional snacks as much as possible.

Shiimun Slim supports dogs in their diet

For optimal progress in losing weight, we recommend that you supplement your overweight dog's diet with Shiimun Slim. Shiimun Slim is a natural dietary powder for dogs. With carefully selected ingredients such as flea seed husks and shiitake, it can make a valuable contribution to the dietary success of your four-legged friend.

Do not serve food from your own plate

If you are like most dog owners, your four-legged friend belongs to the family. This does not mean, however, that he should eat the same as the other family members. Especially if your dog suffers from overweight, the associated additional calories are undesirable. In addition, some foods may even be poisonous for dogs.

Exercise burns calories

Accompany the diet of your overweight dog with a suitable exercise program. In this way your four-legged friend burns additional calories, which provides for faster progress on the scales. However, in order to avoid problems, it is important that you take into account your dog's state of health as well as breed-specific characteristics.

Let your dog do something for his treats

If you can't get along with your dog without one or two treats in between, combine the snacks with search games for a change. This is not only fun for your dog, but also provides additional exercise.

Stay consistent

Exercise with dog

Especially at the beginning of the diet your dog will probably beg a lot. Even if it is difficult for you and you have compassion, you absolutely must stick to it consistently. Always remember that losing weight is essential for your dog's health and well-being. Of course, this also applies to all other members of the family, who must support you and pull in the same direction as you.

Dogs with overweight - our conclusion

If a dog is overweight, that is far more than a harmless flaw. Because obesity can cause numerous diseases and shorten the life expectancy of affected animals.

The sooner you do something about your dog's obesity, the greater the chance that no health problems will occur. With the consistent adherence to a diet plan, which is cut to the needs of your quadruped, you get the weight again under control.

If you need help with the appropriate nutrition of your dog and the reduction of his body weight, we recommend that you use our online nutritionist.

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