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Diet food without cereals for dogs

Obesity has long been widespread in dogs and often has fatal consequences for the health of affected animals. To reduce the weight of obese quadrupeds, dieting is essential.

How to do this and why you should put on your overweight dog on diet food without grain, we explain to you below.

Causes of obesity in the dog

The causes of obesity in dogs are not fundamentally different from the reasons people become obese. In most cases it is simply too high an intake of calories that causes dogs to gain weight.

If there is still a lack of exercise, it is only a matter of time before obesity becomes a serious problem.

In addition, obesity may also be the symptom of a disease and be favored by a castration of the dog or its genetic predisposition.

Diet food without cereals for dogs

Health consequences of overweight

If a dog is overweight, it is far more than a cosmetic problem. Because the high body weight permanently damages the joints, weakens the immune system and increases the risk for various diseases of the cardiovascular system and the metabolism.

Anyone who owns a clearly too heavy four-legged friend, should therefore act promptly and ensure that the dog loses the excess kilos. A grain-free diet for dogs is the right choice for this purpose.

Why dietary dog food should be grain-free

Cereals such as wheat is a popular commodity found in many dog food varieties. For manufacturers, this has the advantage of keeping production costs low. After all, wheat is much cheaper than meat.

Bei Hunden führt ein hoher Getreideanteil im Futter jedoch zu Unverträglichkeiten sowie Verdauungsproblemen. Das gilt selbstverständlich auch für Diätfutter für Hunde, weshalb wir Ihnen dringend empfehlen, für Ihren übergewichtigen Vierbeiner zu Hundefutter ohne Getreide zu greifen.

In dogs, however, a high proportion of grain in the feed leads to intolerances and digestive problems. Of course, this also applies to diet for dogs, which is why we strongly recommend that you grab for your overweight four-legged friend to dog food without grain.

Wet food without grain

If a dog should lose weight, a reduction in daily calorie intake can not be avoided. However, too small portions can quickly cause frustration. Because, of course, your dog will notice it when the amount of food in his bowl suddenly turns out to be much smaller.

For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to the energy density when choosing the grain-free diet food for your dog. It is best to use wet food during the diet. Because this contains due to the higher moisture content significantly less calories than dry food.

In this way, your dog can eat quite large portions despite obesity, without taking too much energy and endangering the success of the diet.

Grain-free diet food for dogs from Bellfor

If your dog is overweight and needs to diet, our favorite menu is perfect for him. The grain-free wet food for dogs is characterized among other things by high-quality ingredients and a complete renunciation of artificial additives.

A high proportion of meat and offal of more than 60 percent ensures that your four-legged friend is optimally supplied with animal proteins and fats. At the same time freshly harvested fruits and vegetables serve as a wholesome carbohydrate source.

Bellfor Lieblingsmenü is therefore the ideal grain-free diet for dogs and helps you to ensure a proper diet of your four-legged friend during the diet.

Grain-free diet food for dogs in different varieties

Bellfor's favorite menu is currently available in three different varieties. You can therefore, if necessary, bring some variety into your dog's diet plan without any problems.

Currently Bellfor Lieblingsmenü is available in the following varieties as a diet-free cereal for dogs:

Incidentally, the variant with insect protein is not only suitable as a grain-free diet, but also as a hypoallergenic food for dogs suffering from a food allergy.

Tips for a successful dog diet

In addition to a suitable diet, dogs with obesity above all need a consistent owner, who makes sure that the diet is followed.

Reduce the dose of dog snacks as much as possible. From time to time smaller treats are fine. However, you must necessarily deduct these from the amount of food at the main meals.

On the other hand, food left over from the table should not be dispensed with during the diet. Because these not only provide extra calories. In addition, they may even be dangerous for your dog.

Apart from a consistent diet change, it is also useful to support the weight reduction in your dog by a suitable exercise program. Outdoor time together will do you both good and burn extra calories.

We also recommend that you supplement our cereal-free dietary feed with Shiimun Slim. This is a natural diet powder which, thanks to its selected ingredients, can make a valuable contribution to your dog's weight loss success.

Diet food without grain for dogs - our conclusion

As you can see, being overweight in dogs is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. A high-quality diet-free cereal is ideal for helping your dog lose weight.

With Bellfor Lieblingsmenü you make the right decision for this purpose in any case. Because selected ingredients in food quality make the grain-free wet food not only well digestible. They also provide a great taste, so your dog will love his diet food without cereals.

But make sure you convince yourself. We are sure that your four-legged friends will love Bellfor's favorite menu.

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