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Hypoallergenic wet food in a pet food set for small dogs from Bellfor Dog Food

12.43 £ / 1 Kg
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Hypoallergenic wet food in a pet food set for small dogs

If a dog suffers from a feed allergy, this is often associated with considerable discomfort. In order to support you in feeding your nutritionally sensitive four-legged friend appropriately, we have put together a special food set. 

The economy set contains our hypoallergenic wet food and our insect-based cereal-free soft bites as well as our natural food supplements Bellfor Kidney Strength and Bellfor Immune.

Feed allergies are widespread

It is estimated that almost every second dog is affected by a feed allergy or at least an intolerance to individual food components. This means that the consumption of the usual food in affected animals leads to digestive problems, itching and hair loss, among other things.

In addition, ear infections are in many cases also among the typical symptoms with which the allergy to the feed becomes noticeable.

Hypoallergenic wet food for allergic dogs

In order to counteract the feed allergy of your four-legged friend, a feed conversion is indispensable. With our hypoallergenic wet food you make an excellent choice in this case, especially for small dogs.

Because Bellfor Landgut-Menü contains insect protein as a full-value alternative to conventional protein suppliers. In addition to a high insect content of more than 60 percent, our hypoallergenic wet food for small dogs can score points by completely dispensing with cereals and artificial additives.

Hypoallergenic dog snacks for in between

Of course, an occasional treat should not be missed even by dogs that are sensitive to nutrition. For this reason, the food set contains our tasty Landgut-Happen with insect protein.

The hypoallergenic dog snacks are perfect as a reward during dog training or simply as a small treat for in between. 

Natural support for stressed kidneys

Food allergies are an enormous burden for the kidneys of affected quadrupeds. For this reason it is important that you support the functionality of this vital filter organ in an optimal way.

With Bellfor Kidney Strength you can do this without any problems. Because the carefully balanced herbal mixture can make a valuable contribution to normal kidney function.

Reliable strengthening for the immune system

Be aware that the immune system of your allergic quadruped is likely to be significantly affected. Therefore, it makes sense to support the immune system in a natural way.

With Bellfor Immune, the food set contains a food supplement specially developed for this purpose, which provides your dog with numerous valuable nutrients.

Our food set for nutritionally sensitive small dogs at a glance:


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