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Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs with products by Bellfor

Whether pulpy faeces, diarrhea or flatulence - the possible complaints associated with digestive problems in dogs are numerous. They are not only unpleasant for affected animals.

In the long run, they can also have serious health consequences, such as increased susceptibility to disease. After all, the intestine is an important part of your dog's immune system.

In certain situations it may therefore be advisable to carry out an intestinal rehabilitation in the dog. When this is the case and how you can rebuild your dog's intestinal flora is explained below.

The dog's gastrointestinal tract

In order to understand, why a intestinal reorganization can be meaningful with dogs under certain circumstances, first of all a view of the digestive system of the four-legged friends is necessary. This essentially includes the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus as well as the organs liver, gallbladder and pancreas which are involved in the digestion of the food.

Digestion in dogs

 Digestion in dogs

When eating, the dog devours the food. Via the oesophagus it reaches the stomach, where the actual digestion begins and the food is decomposed with the aid of digestive juices. The resulting food paste is gradually passed through the stomach outlet into the small intestine.

There the main part of the digestion takes place and carbohydrates, fats and proteins are degraded with the help of the digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas as well as the gallbladder, whereby the following metabolism of sugar and fat is taken over by the liver of the quadruped.

The remainders left in the small intestine during the recycling process are now transferred to the large intestine. There, the last degradation processes take place before the waste products of the digestion are finally excreted as faeces. Depending on the digestibility of the dog food and the frequency of food intake, the complete digestion process in dogs takes about 24 to 36 hours.

The dog's intestinal flora

Just as in humans, the intestinal walls of dogs are colonized by many millions of bacteria. Normally the intestinal flora of the dog consists of useful bacteria, which do not harm the organism of the animal.

Some of them even help in the digestion of nutrients and are also partly necessary for the formation of vitamins. Other bacteria only cause problems when the dog's intestinal flora is out of balance. In general, there are only a few pathogenic intestinal bacteria. These include salmonella, for example.

Possible reasons for intestinal rehabilitation in dogs

The intestinal flora of dogs is a complex and normally well functioning system. It plays an important role in food digestion and animal health.

However, various factors can upset the intestinal flora. This leads to digestive problems and a weakened immune system and may require intestinal rehabilitation in affected dogs.

The following causes can lead to the fact that an intestinal reorganization becomes necessary with your dog:

  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccinations
  • Worm cures
  • Diseases
  • Cortisone

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs after the administration of antibiotics

Antibiotics are an indispensable part of the treatment for many dog diseases. Their task is to kill bacteria in the body and thus support the healing process. However, antibiotics not only kill harmful bacteria but also useful ones.

This leads to a destruction of the intestinal flora, whereby the quadruped can no longer digest its food properly, the immune system suffers and the risk of diseases and an infestation with intestinal parasites increases. After treatment with antibiotics, it is therefore essential to have your dog's intestines repaired.

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs after vaccinations

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs after vaccinations

Vaccinations are an important part of health care for dogs. However, they also represent a burden on the organism of the animals that should not be underestimated. One of the reasons for this is that they contain various harmful substances, such as heavy metals.

These must, of course, be derived from the body. Among other things, they attack the intestinal flora and destroy the bacteria that live there. In order to support the weakened organism of your dog, a intestinal reorganization after a vaccination is meaningful.

Intestinal rehabilitation of dogs due to a worming cure

Many owners know how annoying a worm infestation can be in dogs. The parasites settle in the intestines of the four-legged friend and extract important nutrients from him. Chemical worm cures are usually used to treat the worm infestation.

Although these kill the parasites, they also attack the intestinal flora and can massively weaken the digestive system of the four-legged friend. Apart from the fact that there are much gentler possibilities for deworming, you should definitely take care of the intestinal rehabilitation of your dog after a worming cure.

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs after diseases

The intestine is an important part of the immune system and of great importance for the defence against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Diseases therefore represent a high burden not least for the intestines of the four-legged friend.

In order to rebuild the damaged intestinal flora and to optimally support your dog in his recovery, you should intensively take care of intestinal cleansing, especially after longer illnesses.

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs after treatment with cortisone

Cortisone is actually a hormone produced by the body of the dog itself in the adrenal cortex. However, it is also used as a drug in the treatment of various diseases such as dermatitis and allergies.

Due to its immunosuppressive effect, cortisone weakens the dog's immune system, leading to an increased susceptibility to infections. To counteract this, intestinal rehabilitation is very important, especially in the case of long-term treatment with cortisone.

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs with products from Bellfor

As you can see, there are numerous triggers that can lead to damage to the intestinal flora and thus to serious health problems. Bowel repair helps to rebuild your dog's intestinal flora so that digestion and the immune system can function normally again.

We recommend that you use the following Bellfor products for this purpose:

Dog food with insect protein for healthy digestion


In the context of the intestinal reorganization with dogs an easily digestible dog food is indispensable. However, many products contain unsuitable ingredients of inferior quality and therefore often lead to digestive problems and intolerances.

However, with our dog food with insect protein from the larvae of the black soldier fly, you are choosing a particularly well-tolerated food that optimally supports the digestion of your dog and can make an important contribution to intestinal rehabilitation.

You have the choice between extruded and cold-pressed dry food as well as wet insect-based food. All three varieties are hypoallergenic, highly digestible and consist exclusively of natural ingredients.

Bellfor Gastro Relax against digestive problems

Gastro Relax Powder

Gastro Relax is a digestible food supplement to counteract digestive problems such as diarrhoea in dogs.

Carefully selected ingredients such as pectin, beetroot and turmeric effectively support the functioning of the intestines. Gastro Relax is therefore perfectly suited to support the intestinal rehabilitation of your dog.

Bellfor Immune for strong defences

In addition to Gastro Relax and feeding our insect-based dog food, we recommend that you support your dog's immune system and intestinal rehabilitation with Bellfor Immune. The selected ingredients supply your dog's body with valuable proteins and micronutrients and can thus contribute to a natural strengthening of the immune system.

Bellfor Immun is optionally available as a nutritional supplement in powder form and as tasty dog biscuits. Both products contain only natural ingredients and are therefore easy to digest.

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs - Conclusion and prevention

The importance of a healthy intestine is often underestimated, as are the numerous pressures that can affect the intestinal flora of dogs. In these situations, intestinal rehabilitation is practically indispensable and can help prevent serious health consequences for the animal.

In addition, always ensure that you feed your dog the right food to prevent digestive problems and damage to the intestinal flora from the outset. Bellfor's special nutrition concept supports you reliably and helps you to promote the health and well-being of your four-legged friend from an early age.

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