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Intestinal cleansing in dogs: tips for a healthy intestinal flora

Intestinal cleansing in dogs

A functioning digestive system is of vital importance for the health of a dog. Especially the intestines play an important role in this context.

Because it not only takes over the main work in the utilization of the food consumed. In addition, the dog's intestines are also an indispensable component of the immune system. In the following, we will explain why intestinal rehabilitation may be necessary in dogs in certain situations and how to proceed correctly.

Tasks of the dog's intestines

Apart from the skin, the intestine is the largest organ of a dog in terms of area. Its task is to further utilize the food pulp from the stomach and filter micro- and macronutrients out of it. In addition, the dog's intestines play an important role in defending against pathogens. The intestinal flora fights viruses and bacteria and ensures that these cannot cause any damage.

The intestinal flora consists of innumerable useful bacteria that ensure the functioning of the digestive tract. However, for various reasons, the dog's intestinal flora can become unbalanced and harmful bacteria can gain the upper hand.

This leads to many problems for the dog, such as diarrhoea and increased susceptibility to disease. In this case, intestinal rehabilitation can help to support the intestinal flora and counteract the complaints.

When is a bowel clean-up for dogs useful?

Problems with the intestinal flora can have various causes. For example, bowel rehabilitation in dogs can be useful after illness, an infestation of Giardia and worms, or following the administration of antibiotics.

In the following situations, we recommend intestinal cleansing in dogs:

  • For dogs with chronic intestinal inflammation
  • For gastro-intestinal infections
  • Following the administration of antibiotics
  • After an infestation with intestinal parasites
  • After serious illness or surgery
  • For high physical stress
  • For excessive stress
  • For dogs with allergies
  • For dogs with weak immune system

Consequences of a destroyed intestinal flora in dogs

If your dog's intestinal flora is impaired and there are no longer enough beneficial intestinal bacteria, this leads to a number of health problems.

Your dog becomes more susceptible to infections. It also increases the risk of joint problems such as osteoarthritis and diseases of the internal organs. For example, your dog may develop liver disease, pancreatitis or even kidney failure.

In addition, dogs with a destroyed intestinal flora suffer significantly more frequently from skin problems as well as feed allergies and intolerances. Some four-legged friends even develop behavioural disorders over time.

As you can see, the possible consequences are by no means limited to obvious digestive problems such as diarrhoea or flatulence. You should therefore pay sufficient attention to your dog's intestinal health.

A timely bowel clean-up can help to significantly reduce the risk of all these health problems in your dog.

Here's how bowel cleansing works for dogs

Countless bacteria live in a healthy intestine. In order to restore the intestinal flora that has been thrown out of balance, the dog's diet is particularly important.

Unfortunately, dog food often contains numerous ingredients that are harmful to the dog's intestines. These include various artificial additives and cereals. Over time, this leads to numerous complaints.

The right food for the dog's bowel

Within the scope of intestinal rehabilitation, it is essential that you switch to a better tolerated food. For this purpose we recommend our hypoallergenic insect-based dog food.

The insect protein it contains is particularly easy to digest. In addition, the food contains neither wheat nor other ingredients that unnecessarily burden your dog's intestines.

Our dog food with insect protein is therefore not only suitable for dogs with feed allergies, but can also make a valuable contribution to intestinal cleansing.

In addition to wet and dry food, you will also find healthy insect-based dog snacks in our range, so that you can also rely on our wholesome alternative for your dog's treats in the future.

Bellfor products for intestinal rehabilitation in dogs

Normally, it is not enough to simply change the dog's food to clean up the intestinal tract. In order to rebuild the intestinal flora and counteract existing digestive problems, it is usually sensible to additionally rely on suitable nutritional supplements.

For this purpose, we recommend Bellfor Gastro Activia and Shiimun Gastro. Both supplements were developed by us in close cooperation with veterinarians to promote intestinal health and functional digestion in dogs.

  • Bellfor Gastro Activia contains prebiotics and probiotics, among other things, to rebalance your dog's upset intestinal flora.
  • Shiimun Gastro contains carefully selected ingredients such as shiitake to aid your dog's digestion and counteract existing symptoms such as flatulence.

Bellfor Gastro Activia and Shiimun Gastro as a savings set

To provide you with the best possible support for your dog's intestinal rehabilitation, we have put together a practical set of our two products Bellfor Gastro Activia and Shiimun Gastro. You can order the set at a special price in our shop.

  • Get to know the savings set for intestinal rehabilitation in dogs.

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs - our conclusion

As you can see, the intestines are very important for the health and well-being of your dog. A disturbed intestinal flora is the starting point for numerous complaints and often leads to serious canine diseases that have a lasting effect on the life of your four-legged friend.

In order to avoid problems, an intestinal clean-up can be useful in certain situations. In addition to switching to an easily digestible dog food, we recommend that you support your dog's intestinal health by supplementing his diet with Bellfor Gastro Activia and Shiimun Gastro.

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