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Dry dog food with a high meat content

Dog food with a particularly high proportion of meat

All of our familiar domestic dogs are descended from the wolf. Although it has been a very long time since the two animal families Wolf and Dog separated by domestication, the dog still has many genes in common with its forefather. This also plays a role in eating behaviour and the need for food. Dogs are carnivores. On the other hand, hardly any dog would have the idea of nibbling off the ears of grain from the field. Especially large, strong dogs need more food and enjoy a dry food with a high meat content.

Order dry food with high meat content online

With us you can order dry food with a high meat content for dogs quickly and cheaply online. Especially the very strong, vital and active dog will appreciate this food. Our foods with a particularly high proportion of meat also contain many other important nutrients and vital substances for your dog. Our dog food is developed and produced according to the research results by experienced nutrition specialists for dogs. The plus in meat also comes very close to the barefood from the dog.

Quality is crucial for healthy dog food

We also do not offer dry food with a high meat content that contains meat waste. The feed is produced to the same very high quality standards as any other feed we offer. We do without additives of cereals such as oats, spelt, rye, barley or wheat in dry feed with a high meat content. This dry food is of high quality throughout and very digestible for every dog. This also has to do with bifidobacteria, which ensure easy digestion.

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