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Dry food for puppies

High quality dry food for puppies

You're planning on having a puppy move in, and now you're wondering how best to feed him? Many people believe that puppies cannot chew dry food yet, but this is wrong. Already from the fourth week a puppy can get dry food. Initially it can be mixed with milk specially adapted to puppies. Until the eighth week of life the change of food is usually complete. The dry food is very well tolerated if it is properly composed and rich in nutrients.

Food offers for breeders

We also offer online special, grain-free dry food for puppies for breeders. If you breed dogs as a registered breeder, you can even participate in our breeder bonus program. This includes special price advantages and you get the food packages for your puppies very cheap. We only offer dog food that is composed of very high-quality, natural ingredients. For puppies we put together special food packages according to individual wishes. Our dog food is basically produced without ingredients of cereals to which dogs can react allergically. This reduces the risk of intolerance for the puppies.

Increase health and joy of living

Puppies need a lot of care and the right food, then they also become strong and cheerful dogs. So right from the start, your little puppy should be fed food that is good for his growth and health. Our selection of particularly nutritious dry food made from the best nutrients, with all vitamins, proteins and minerals is precisely geared to this.

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