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Dry grain-free dog food

The health of your dog sustainably strengthen dry food without grain is especially tailored to dogs with a grain allergy. Cereals such as wheat and maize are the most common cause of feed intolerance. Our grain-free dog food without wheat, corn, rice, rye or barley is therefore also suitable for dogs with gluten intolerance.

Grain-free dog food from Marsapet GmbH

With us you find dry food without grain for dogs, which is suitable as a complete food and can also be used for dogs without allergies. It is particularly close to your dog's natural diet because, unlike the wolf's digestive tract, your dog's digestive tract produces an enzyme that promotes the digestion of plant foods. Our dry dog food is based on the findings of a Swedish research team from 2013.

Ingredients of dried fodder without cereals

Our dry food contains high quality and natural protein sources with fish, poultry and game. The protein supplements the high nutritional value of sweet potato, which is a rich source of many minerals and vitamins. The vegetable starch of the sweet potato is digested very slowly. Your dog's blood sugar level does not rise as quickly as a normal potato would. Vitamins E, C, B2, B6 and the trace elements iron, copper and manganese provide more energy, vitality and a shinier coat for your dog. Grain-free dry dog food also makes you fuller for longer.

Gentle processing

We process our dry dog food particularly gently so that all ingredients are preserved. It is processed at 125 degrees Celsius. Carbohydrates swell easily and are better digested. The intact intestinal flora promotes the immune defence and the absorption of the trace elements contained. Your dog is well supplied with the dry food without grain all around.

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