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Grain-free dry food

Grain-free dry food

Complete, grain-free dry food for dogs

If you have a dog that has problems with grain in pet food, you know how difficult it is to find suitable dry food. The large inscriptions usually do not mention the grain contained. The small print then contains wheat, spelt, rye and other cereal ingredients. With us you receive dog food grain-free from natural components, which make an easy digestion possible.

Grain-free and completely healthy

If your dog does not tolerate grain, this is not a problem because dogs are not dependent on grain. We offer a grain-free dry food for dogs, which is completely wholesome, natural and gently produced. Thanks to the most modern, gentle production methods, the important nutrients are also retained in dry feed. This provides your dog with a diet that optimally contains vitamins, proteins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and natural dietary fibres. No cereals are also required for the dietary fibres. They are also contained in vegetables. A dog that is fed grain-free does not have to do without anything.

Order high quality dry food online

You don't have to look long for a dealer with grain-free dog food, with us you can simply order the food online. Since this food can be stored so well thanks to its dry nature, larger supplies can also be ordered for the large dog or for several dogs. Many tasty foods are available.

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