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Grain-free puppy food

Healthy and grain-free - Bellfor puppy food

You breed dogs that are on the verge of giving birth? Or you have decided on a little four-legged friend and already found a puppy? Dam’s milk from the bitches best for puppies in the first weeks. Then, however, an appropriate and well-tolerated puppy food is needed. If the mother dog already showed allergic reactions to grain in the feed, it can be expected that at least one or more puppies of the litter have inherited the intolerance. It is better, to offer completely grain-free puppy food from the start.

Breeder bonus scheme -Individual selection of puppy food

We offer aspecial breeder bonus scheme to registered breeders. At the same time, you as the breeder will enjoy savings when ordering dog food. You can have individual packages of puppy food put together for you. Of course, we will consider your wish to have a feed put together that is completely grain-free. Good animal-friendly breeding of dogs is time consuming and costly. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a time bonus for breeding puppies; however, we can offer you a financial bonus with our puppy packages.

The right food enhances the puppies’ well-being

Happy, healthy puppies with a soft, thick coat - our food for puppies takes care of this. We offer grain-free feed mixes with high-quality vitamins and minerals, healthy meat and fish content in a wholesome way. Anyway, meat, fish and vegetables are easier to digest than grain types like oats, wheat or rye. If the food for small dogs is grain-free you take no risks of early allergies.

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