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Natural dog food

Natural dog food

Natural dog food for vitality and power

Natural dog food provides your dog with a good resistance againstdiseases, hair loss and skin problems. Prevention by way of a balanced supplyof trace elements, vitamins and secondary phytochemicals helps an animal tostay healthy. We only use selected ingredients in our food and in line withcurrent findings, can offer a perfectly natural dog food that offers your pet ahost of advantages.

Vitamins, minerals and secondary phytochemicals.

Natural dog food containsmany healthy admixtures like peas, tomatoes, carrots or cranberries that supplythe dog with vitamins, minerals and secondary phytochemicals. We add theseimportant supplements in original composition to the food. Dried fruits containantioxidants that protect your pet from harmful free radicals. Ensure anoptimum immune defence and delay of aging processes with a good food thatcontains antioxidants.

Healthy intestinal flora because of natural dog food.

Ample fibre and above all trace elements in chelated form keep yourdog’s intestinal flora in tip-top shape. Prebiotics support the usefulbifidobacteria in the intestines, preventing pathogens, and have a positiveeffect on a healthy intestinal flora. Fibres stimulate a good intestinal flora,swell in the intestinal tract and discharge harmful bacteria. That way,pathogens cannot settle in the intestine in greater concentration. The immunesystem is stimulated with a balanced supply of trace elements and vitamins.Your dog’s healthy development is optimally protected from the inside.

Flavour and pleasure

Natural dog food for your pet means a selectedfine flavour of his food and the pleasure of every single meal. We offer youtasty dog food with healthy ingredients.

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