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Giardia Economy Set for dogs - Wet Food 6x400g + Vermal Powder 80g + Dried Chicken Meat 100g by Bellfor Dog Food

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£32.06 £36.28
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Bellfor special set for dogs with Giardia

If your dog suffers from an infection with Giardien, prompt action is in demand. In order to support you during the treatment, we have put together a special savings set for you. 

The set consists of our natural Vermal Powder, cereal-free wet food and dried chicken meat and is ideal for counteracting Giardia in dogs in a natural way.

Giardia is a common problem

Studies assume that about every fifth dog suffers from Giardia. The microscopically small intestinal parasites are extremely contagious and multiply very quickly. The symptoms of Giardia in your dog range from flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea to loss of appetite and fever. 

In addition, especially in young and weakened animals, the immune system and intestinal health suffer considerably from the parasite infestation, which often leads to other diseases. If your dog suffers from Giardia, you should not lose any time and do something about the annoying parasites immediately. 

This helps against Giardia in the dog

Once a dog is infected with Giardia, it is difficult to get rid of the stubborn parasites. In addition to comprehensive hygiene measures in the environment of the four-legged friend, the creation of a giardienfeindlichen intestinal environment as well as an extensive renunciation of carbohydrates in the food are essential.

Natural Vermal Powder and grain-free wet food for dogs with Giardia

Of course, we cannot help you with the implementation of the necessary hygiene measures. However, with our special set we offer you the optimal combination of products to counteract Giardia in your dog in a natural way.

Our favourite wet food menu is characterised not only by high-quality natural ingredients, but also by a particularly low carbohydrate content. Instead of cereals, we use sweet potatoes whose carbohydrates have a low glycemic index and are therefore ideal for dogs with Giardia.

Our Giardien special set at a glance:

Feeding recommendation

Use the products from our economy set for dogs with Giardia over a period of at least four weeks and do without other food or treats during this time. 

In combination with consistent hygiene measures in the household, this will create the ideal conditions for Giardia to become a permanent thing of the past for your dog.

Your advantages when treating Giardia with Bellfor: 

  • High-quality raw materials from selected suppliers
  • Natural products without artificial additives
  • Developed by veterinarians and recommended by dog owners
  • Proven efficacy without side effects
  • Suitable for all breeds

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