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Dogs Black Friday at Bellfor!

25 November 2021 from 9 am - Dogs Black Friday!

➠   10% discount on the entire Bellfor Landschmaus dry food range

       Coupon code: T10BLFr

➠   10% discount on our wet food assortment – Lieblings Menü 

       Coupon code: Ns10BLFr

➠   15% discount on the entire Bellfor PUR range

       Coupon code: PrP15Bf

➠   20% discount on all dietary supplements such as: Vermal, Skin & Coat, etc.

       Coupon code: BLfr20N

➠   20% discount on all Shiimun products:

       Coupon code: Shi20Fr

➠   20% discount on all Care products

       Coupon code: Pfl20BF

➠   20% discount on all Fitness products

       Coupon code: Fit20Bel

➠   22% discount on the entire Snack-, Biscuits- & Soft-Happen assortment

       Coupon code: Lk22SnB

The discounts also apply to staggered prices - so you get up to 45% discount!

Choose from over 90 products.

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    Your dog wants to go shopping, too? Then order quickly, the Black Friday Sale ends Saturday, 27.11.2021 at 18 o'clock.