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Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) natural Biscuits for dogs by Bellfor Dog Food - 200g

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Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) - Biscuits for dogs - 200g

Bellfor Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) biscuits for dog - the natural alternative against ticks.

Bellfor Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) biscuits for dog support the natural defence against parasites and ticks. The special formulation ensures that the dog’s body odour is altered and therefore repels ticks another parasites.

The right composition is all that matters

Bellfor Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) biscuits contain different natural raw materials, which contain a high concentration of lauric acid. 

This is achieved by the addition of fat from the black soldier fly larva. It contained more than 60% lauric acid.

In conjunction with coconut and black cumin oil, Bellfor Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) biscuits are thus the ideal, natural alternative to parasite defence. 

Bellfor Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) biscuits - the ideal alternative for dogs

In contrast, Bellfor Anti-Zecken (Anti-Ticks) biscuits for dogs are easily digested due to the natural ingredients.

Many dogs respond with itching, stomach and intestinal problems or other intolerances to chemical products against parasites. 


Coconut oil, duck meat, cassava, potato flour, insect fat, turmeric, quinoa, marine thistle, black seed oil, Brewer's yeast.

A 200g package contains about 38 biscuits.

Each biscuit weighs about 5 g, but may vary because the biscuits are made by hand.

To ensure sufficient protection against ticks, we recommend feeding for at least 8 days and repeating the feeding after about 6 weeks.

Feeding recommendation:

 Feeding recommendation
 Weight of the dog up to 5kg 5 kg up to 10 kg 10 kg up to 15 kg 15 kg up to 20 kg 20 kg up to 30 kg
 Feed quantity per day 1 biscuit 2 biscuits 3 biscuits 4 biscuits 5 biscuits

Nutrient analysis:

 Underlying assets
 Crude protein 2,70%
 Crude fat 7,30%
 Crude fibre 0,50%
 Raw ash 0,80%
 Damp 11,10%

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