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Coconut oil against ticks in dogs

Coconut oil against ticks in dogs

Ticks represent a considerable health risk for dogs in the warm months of the year. Effective protection against these annoying parasites is therefore essential. Unfortunately, conventional tick repellents for dogs often contain harmful active ingredients, which is why natural alternatives such as coconut oil against ticks are increasingly in demand.

What is behind coconut oil as an agent against ticks in dogs and how you can protect your four-legged friend in a natural way against the little bloodsuckers, you will learn in the following.

Why ticks are so dangerous for dogs

Ticks feed on the blood of their host and then drop off again. Since they are only a few millimetres in size, the amount of blood they consume is naturally negligible. The blood meal itself is therefore not the real problem with a tick infestation, even for very small dogs like a Chihuahua.

However, ticks often carry dangerous pathogens with which they can infect both humans and dogs. Some of these can even be life-threatening or, as for example Lyme disease in dogs, at least cause permanent damage.

Conventional tick repellents are often part of the problem

The range of tick remedies for dogs is large. As a dog owner it is therefore sometimes difficult to find a suitable preparation. In addition, many conventional tick repellents contain so-called acaricides. These are neurotoxins that kill the tick in case of a bite.

At first glance, this may appear to be an effective solution to protect against ticks. However, on closer inspection, it quickly becomes clear what dangers are posed by such a product.

After all, acaricides are of course also a considerable burden on the dog itself. In addition, the ticks often bite into the skin when they come into contact with the toxic active ingredients.

Even if they die off quite quickly, pathogens can still be transmitted. It is therefore quite possible that you may even increase the risk of infection with the wrong tick repellent instead of protecting your dog.

How coconut oil can help your dog against ticks

In view of the problem just described, it quickly becomes clear that natural alternatives such as coconut oil against ticks deserve more attention in any case.

The reason why coconut oil helps against ticks is the medium-chain fatty acid lauric acid it contains. As a study in 2008 (1) showed, lauric acid has a deterrent effect on ticks.

Its odour has a repellent effect on the small bloodsuckers, so that the probability of a possible infestation and thus the risk of infection by coconut oil against ticks can indeed be significantly reduced.

Bellfor ZEComplete Spray: Insect fat and coconut oil against ticks

At Bellfor, the well-being of the dog has always been the main focus. For this reason, not only our dog food, but also our tick repellent contains only natural ingredients.

ZEComplete was developed in cooperation with vets as a well-tolerated alternative against ticks. When choosing the ingredients, it was important to us to ensure the highest possible effectiveness despite excellent tolerance.

For this reason, ZEComplete against ticks contains coconut oil and insect fat from the larvae of the black soldier fly. Insect fat is characterised by a particularly high content of lauric acid and therefore makes a decisive contribution to the deterrent effect on the dangerous bloodsuckers.

ZEComplete with insect fat and coconut oil against ticks can be sprayed onto your dog's coat once or twice a day before going for a walk. In contrast to many conventional tick repellents, the application of the spray is harmless for your four-legged friend and is not associated with any side effects.

ZEComplete biscuits and Soft-Happen

Small rewards in the form of tasty treats are simply part of everyday life with dogs. During the tick season, our ZEComplete Soft-Happen and biscuits are just right for this purpose.

As with our spray, we use insect fat and other natural ingredients such as coconut oil against ticks in our ZEComplete biscuits and soft bites. The healthy dog snacks are therefore ideal for supporting the effect of our ZEComplete spray and at the same time giving your dog a little pleasure.

Coconut oil against ticks - our conclusion

As you can see, coconut oil is certainly a sensible alternative for protecting dogs against ticks. The lauric acid it contains has a deterrent effect on the dangerous parasites and can thus help to significantly reduce the probability of tick infestation.

The natural tick protection for your dog is particularly reliable with Bellfor ZEComplete. In addition to coconut oil, this natural remedy against ticks contains other selected oils and fats with a high lauric acid content and can therefore help to protect your dog in a digestible way.


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