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Australian Shepherd food set by Bellfor Dog food for Australian Shepherd - Heide-Schmaus 2,5 kg + Heide-Happen 200g + 1 Jute bag by Bellfor Dog Food

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Australian Shepherd food from Bellfor

The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized North American herding dog. He is very agile and therefore especially suitable for active owners. In order to support the health of the intelligent four-legged friends optimally, it is important to pay attention to a good quality when buying Australian Shepherd food.

Which food is good for the Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd attaches great importance to being sufficiently active and busy. To meet the energy needs of the active animals, we recommend feeding them with our grain-free Heide-Schmaus.

The easily digestible dry food has a particularly high meat content and is ideal as food for the Australia Shepherd. By using selected raw materials and avoiding artificial additives, you can be sure that Bellfor Heide-Schmaus will provide your dog with good digestibility and optimal nutrition. 

In order to challenge your Australian Shepherd mentally and physically, various dog sports, such as dog trekking and agility, are very suitable. As a healthy reward during training we recommend our tasty Heide-Happen without cereals and with lots of fresh meat in food quality.

Order Best Australian Shepherd Food at Bellfor

It has always been our goal to support dog owners in the appropriate nutrition of their four-legged friends. For this reason, we offer the food for your Australian Shepherd as an inexpensive savings set. Secure your package with Heide-Schmaus and Heide-Happen at a special price and get an additional 10% discount the next time you order food for your Australian Shepherd from us. 

Our food set for your Australian Shepherd at a glance:


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