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Bearded Collie food set by Bellfor

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Bearded Collie food from Bellfor

The Bearded Collie is a British dog breed. These long-haired animals were originally bred as herding dogs but are now mainly kept as family dogs. Choosing breed-appropriate food plays an important role in ensuring the Bearded Collie stays active and healthy.

What kind of food does the Bearded Collie need?

The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized and fairly active dog. When buying food for the Bearded Collie, it is not only important to support its energy requirements, but also ensure that its food is easily digestible and meets the dog's natural nutritional needs. 

We therefore recommend Bellfor Wildbach-Schmaus. This is a high-quality, grain-free dry food with wild salmon and brown trout. This food is free from artificial additives and also contains no animal or plant by-products.

Instead, your Bearded Collie is optimally supplied with important animal proteins thanks to the composition of 71% fresh fish. Bellfor Wildbach-Schmaus is easily digestible – ideal for providing breed-appropriate nutrition to your four-legged friend. As a small reward between meals, our healthy and tasty Wildbach-Happen with fish and potatoes are a great snack.

It is also beneficial to supply the long coat of the Bearded Collie with additional nutrients. By supplementing your diet with Bellfor Skin & Coat, you can do this in a completely natural way thanks to selected ingredients such as insect protein from the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) and brewer's yeast.

Order a food set for Bearded Collies from Bellfor

Every day, a balanced diet makes an important contribution to the long and healthy life of your Bearded Collie. In order to make it easier for you to feed your Bearded Collie in a breed-appropriate way, we have put together a special food set for Bearded Collies.

You can order the value multi-pack with our Wildbach-Schmaus dry food, tasty Wildbach-Happen as well as the natural food supplement Bellfor Skin & Coat at a special price in our shop, and also secure a 10% discount voucher to use on your next purchase.

Our food set for Bearded Collies includes:


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