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Premium Hundefutter ohne Getreide

Irish Wolfhound dog set by Bellfor

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Save with a food set for Irish Wolfhounds from Bellfor

The Irish Wolfhound is a rough-coated greyhound from Ireland. It is one of the largest dog breeds and, thanks to its gentle nature, is mainly kept as a family dog today. Choosing the right food plays an important role in preventing health problems for the Irish Wolfhound.

What food does the Irish Wolfhound need?

Due to its imposing body size, it goes without saying that the Irish Wolfhound has a relatively high energy requirement. It is also one of many larger breeds that is at an above-average risk of life-threatening stomach problems.

In order to combat this, we recommend our Naturgut-Schmaus dry food. This food is produced in a gentle cold-pressing process, which means that it swells less in the Irish Wolfhound's stomach, therefore reducing the likelihood of potentially fatal stomach twists.

Bellfor Naturgut-Schmaus also contains insect protein from the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) as a digestible and hypoallergenic source of protein. In combination with the absence of cereals, plant and animal by-products and artificial additives, this makes it an excellent nutritional choice for your Irish Wolfhound.

In addition, we recommend Deer Lung Cubes as a healthy reward for in-between meals and Bellfor Immune as a dietary supplement. Bellfor Immune contains carefully selected ingredients, such as sea buckthorn, insect protein and propolis, which provide your Irish Wolfhound with valuable nutrients for a strong immune system.

Buy Bellfor food for Irish Wolfhounds at a special price

By paying the necessary attention to the diet of your Irish Wolfhound, you will significantly reduce the risk of nutrition-related health problems. We would like to support you in this, so have put together a special food set for Irish Wolfhounds.

Order the set consisting of Naturgut-Schmaus dry food, Bellfor Immune and Deer Lung Cubes at a special price in our shop and secure an additional 10% discount voucher to use on your next food purchase.

Our food set for Irish Wolfhounds includes:


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