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Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops) natural for Dogs by Bellfor Dog Food - 50 ml

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Bellfor Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops)

Bellfor Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops) are a natural product that has been specially developed to counteract ear mite infestation in dogs in a gentle way.

What makes Bellfor Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops) so special?

An infestation with ear mites is not only unpleasant for affected dogs. It can also have serious consequences for the animal and, in the worst case, even lead to hearing loss.

With Bellfor Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops) you have the possibility to counteract the annoying parasites in a natural way. Like all Bellfor products, our ear mite drops contain no chemicals or other potentially harmful ingredients.

Instead, you can rely on good tolerability that we ensure through the use of selected natural ingredients.

Castor oil is a well-known natural remedy that is used, among other things, to treat ear problems.

Why Bellfor Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops) are a good choice

Many of the drugs used to treat ear mites contain what are known as acaricides. These are neurotoxins, which were originally intended as pesticides for agriculture.

Such preparations kill ear mites effectively. At the same time, however, they also represent a potential health risk for your dog.

With Bellfor Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops), on the other hand, you are opting for a natural product whose ingredients do not represent an unnecessary burden for the organism of your four-legged friend.

Your advantages with Ohrmilben Tropfen (Ear Mite Drops) from Bellfor:

  • Easy to use
  • Selected Ingredients
  • Free of chemicals
  • Good compatibility
  • Gentle on the ears
  • Effective against ear mites

Small dogs: 2-3 drops per ear
Large dogs: up to 5 drops per ear

Carefully apply the oil to the auricle and massage in gently.

We recommend an application period of at least 14 days or until the infestation is complete.

Note: Store in a cool and dark place

Castor Oil, Neem Oil, Insect fat, Tea tree Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Sage Oil, Frankincense Oil, Chamomile extract, Geranium Oil


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