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Premium Hundefutter ohne Getreide

Food set for physically active dogs - Premium PUR Aktiv 2,5 kg + Fitness Powder 80g + Landgut-Happen 200g + Heide-Happen 200g by Bellfor Dog Food

9.68 £ / 1 Kg
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Shipping weight per piece: 2,980.00g
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£28.86 ( 9.68 £ / 1 Kg )

Bellfor dog food for active dogs

Dogs that are active in dog sports or are used as working dogs have special nutritional needs. With our special food set for active dogs, you take this fact into account in your daily feeding and support the well-being of your four-legged friend in a natural way.

Which food do physically active dogs need?

Just as with humans, physical activity is associated with increased energy consumption in dogs. Bellfor Premium PUR Aktiv is perfect for optimally covering this requirement. 

The high-energy dry food is characterised by a high meat content and food-quality ingredients. It also provides your four-legged friend with additional energy in the form of easily digestible carbohydrates from rice and corn.

Active dogs need sufficient protein

In addition to covering the general energy requirement, it is particularly important for dogs that are active in sports to ensure a sufficient supply of protein. This is because physical activity not only burns additional calories, but also leads to an increased need for protein. 

Bellfor Fitness Powder with insect protein provides your hard-working four-legged friend with all essential amino acids as well as valuable vitamins and minerals from chia seeds and dried bananas. 

A daily supplement of Bellfor Fitness Powder can therefore make an important contribution to rapid regeneration and lasting good performance in dog sports or other physical exertion.

Healthy dog snacks for a species-appropriate reward

Whether at sports or at work - small rewards in the form of tasty dog treats are simply part of it. With the healthy soft snacks from Bellfor, you can also reward your four-legged friend with species-appropriate ingredients that not only taste good for your dog, but also do him good.

Order a food set for active dogs at a special price

A species-appropriate feeding will ensure that your physically active dog will survive the stresses of everyday life well and hopefully have a long and healthy dog life ahead of it. To support you in this, we have put together a special feeding set for you.

Make no compromises when it comes to feeding your active dog and order our food set with Premium PUR Aktiv Dry Food, two different types of soft snacks and Bellfor Fitness Powder at a low price directly from our shop.

Our food set for physically active dogs at a glance:


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