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Body care saver set with replenishing Dog Shampoo by Bellfor Dog Food

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Replenishing dog shampoo and natural grooming products in a saver set

Joint ventures in the great outdoors can lead to your dog coming home completely filthy. Even though baths should not be part of your dog's daily routine, sometimes you can't avoid washing your dog in the bath tub. In order to do this in a gentle way, we have put together a saver set for you, containing our replenishing dog shampoo and further products.

Replenishing dog shampoo with natural ingredients

Dogs' skin and fur are not intended to have daily baths. In addition, your own care products are completely unsuitable for your four-legged friend. If a bath can't be helped, you have to use shampoo especially for dogs. Our dog shampoo with replenishing and nourishing effects are perfect for bathing fun that is gentle on the skin and fur, thanks to its chemical-free formula, consisting of natural surfactants, high-quality oils and further carefully selected ingredients.

Bellfor Skin & Coat to support healthy fur 

Apart from using gentle dog shampoo, providing your dog with a suitable food supplement such as Bellfor Skin & Coat can achieve not only clean, but also dense and shiny fur.

Bellfor Skin & Coat consists of selected natural ingredients, such as brewer's yeast and stinging nettle seeds. These supply your four-legged friend with essential nutrients for an ideal texture of its coat, as well as a healthy complexion.

Grain-free insect-based Soft Snacks

If you dog is one of those who react defensively to the mere mention of a bath, a couple of tasty treats can be incredibly helpful. Our insect-based Soft Snacks are the prefect choice for this purpose. These delicious dog treats are free from artificial additives and grain, and are therefore ideal to reward your dog in a wholesome way.

Grooming saver set with replenishing dog shampoo at a reduced rate

Trust Bellfor's proven quality for the bathing and grooming of your dog, and order our grooming set with dog shampoo with replenishing and nourishing effect, our grain-free Soft Snack and Bellfor Skin & Coat from our store.

Our grooming set with replenishing dog shampoo at a glance:


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