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Summer holiday set for dogs - Shiimun Calm 50g + ZEComplete Spray 100ml + Paw Protection Ointment 110ml + Eye Care Drops 30ml by Bellfor Dog Food

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Bellfor saving set for holidays with dog

Holidays are the most beautiful time of the year. This of course also applies to dog owners. However, they have to consider some additional points to avoid problems when on holiday with a dog.

To help you do this, we have put together a special economy set with high-quality grooming products and nutritional supplements for a successful trip with your dog.

Holiday means stress for dogs

You probably can't wait to start your vacation. Your dog, on the other hand, is probably a little different. Whether it's a long journey by car or an unfamiliar environment at your destination - a holiday together means pure stress for your four-legged companion.

For this reason we recommend a dietary supplement with Shiimun Calm. This natural preparation contains shiitake mushrooms and other carefully selected ingredients that can help your dog to relax and cope better with the stress of travel.

Beware of parasites

Parasites pose a considerable risk for your dog, even on holiday. Especially in Southern Europe, in addition to ticks, which are also indigenous to our country, sand flies, which can infect your quadruped with leishmaniasis, are also common.

A well-tolerated remedy against parasites should therefore not be missing in your dog's travel bag. With Bellfor ZEComplete Spray, you can rely on a preparation with natural ingredients that do not unnecessarily burden your dog's organism.

Good on foot with Bellfor

Hot asphalt is just as much of a strain on your dog's paws as long walks or trips to the beach, where sand and seawater stress the skin.

It is therefore especially important to take care of your dog's paws and counteract dry and chapped skin when on holiday. With Bellfor Paw Protection Ointment you can rely on a high-quality care product with proven ingredients such as insect grease and beeswax for this purpose.

No chance for watery eyes

Air conditioning and draughts can irritate your dog's eyes and, in the worst case, even cause inflammation. In order to counteract this, you should pay the necessary attention to your four-legged friend's eye care, especially on holiday.

We recommend eye care drops from Bellfor for this purpose. This natural care product is ideal for daily cleaning and care of your dog's sensitive eyes.

Order Bellfor holiday set for dogs at a special price

Don't leave the well-being of your dog on holiday to chance and trust in high-quality care products and food supplements from Bellfor. Order our set for holidays with your dog at a special price and look forward to a relaxed holiday trip with your four-legged companion.

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