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Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) for dogs by Bellfor Dog Food - 100g

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Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) - teeth cleaning for dogs - natural supplements for dogs

Bellfor Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) contain a special composition of natural raw materials that release enzymes when absorbed. They clean teeth and gums in a natural way and prevent the development of mouth odour. The Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) also remove plaque and reduce the formation of new teeth. 

The advantages of Bellfor Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) at a glance:

  • Cleans teeth and cares for the gums
  • Helps with mouth odor
  • Removes and prevents plaque
  • Grain-free
  • Very good compatibility
  • Manufactured in cold pressing process
  • With insect protein
  • Ideal for dogs with food intolerances
  • Suitable for all breeds and puppies

Bellfor Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) are manufactured using the gentle cold pressing process. The low heating during pressing ensures that very important nutrients and vitamins are retained during production.

Feeding recommendations:

Bellfor Tooth Sticks (Dental Sticks) can be regularly fed for regular dental care. Please always provide sufficient water.

Crude protein: 11.4%

Crude fat: 4.9%

Crude fibre: 2.0%

Raw ash: 6.6%

Humidity: approx. 10.5%

Bellfor Dental Sticks can be fed for regular dental care. Please always provide sufficient water.

Potato, black soldier fly, chicken, algae, tapioca, glucose, vegetable glycerin, rapeseed oil, maltodetrin, parsley, silicon.


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