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Premium Hundefutter ohne Getreide

Grain-free dry dog food with lamb - Weideland-Schmaus - 4 kg

6.25 £ / 1 Kg
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£24.99 ( 6.25 £ / 1 Kg )

Bellfor Weideland-Schmaus – grain-free, cold-pressed dry food for dogs

Bellfor Weideland-Schmaus is a high-quality, grain-free dry food for dogs. A carefully developed recipe consisting of natural ingredients and a high meat content ensure an excellent taste and optimally supply your dog with nutrients.

Why Bellfor Weideland-Schmaus is the right choice

It is our aim to support you as much as possible with the appropriate feeding of your dog. That's why Bellfor Weideland-Schmaus contains neither artificial flavours and preservatives nor grain.

Instead, we only use high-quality, natural, human-grade raw materials. Healthy ingredients such as lamb, peas and sweet potatoes ensure that the dry food is very easily digestible and has a high nutrient content.

Premium lamb as a source of animal protein

As facultative carnivores, dogs need the right amount of animal protein in their food. We decided to use lamb for this purpose for the delicious Bellfor Weideland-Schmaus.

Lamb is very wholesome for dogs. Since it is the only source of animal protein in our Weideland-Schmaus, the grain-free dry food is also ideal for nutrition-sensitive dogs.

Grain-free dry food with wholesome carbohydrates

Instead of grain, we use peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes as sources of carbohydrates for our Weideland-Schmaus. This makes the dry food much easier to digest for your dog. In addition, it is particularly rich in valuable nutrients due to the absence of grain.

Peas, for example, not only contain carbohydrates, but also easily digestible vegetable protein and various vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes provide your dog with vitamin A, B vitamins, minerals and trace elements, among other things.

Cold-pressed dry food: perfect for large dogs

Large dog breeds are more prone to develop life-threatening stomach torsion. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate, costly emergency surgery.

Thanks to the gentle cold pressing process, the croquettes do not swell in the dog's stomach. This makes our cold-pressed Weideland-Schmaus ideal for the stomach-friendly and species-appropriate nutrition for large dog breeds.

The main advantages of Bellfor Weideland-Schmaus at a glance

  • High meat content (lamb)
  • Wholesome, grain-free recipe
  • Free from artificial flavours or preservatives
  • High-quality, human-grade raw materials
  • Rich in valuable vitamins and minerals
  • Contains salmon oil as a source of important Omega-3 fatty acids
  • With inulin to promote the intestinal microbiota
  • Gentle production through cold-pressing
  • Also suitable for nutrition-sensitive animals
  • Thin, soft and oblong croquettes (size approx. 1 cm)

Dried lamb, peas, potato, sweet potato, potato starch, poultry fat, gelatine hydrolysate, brewer's yeast, salmon oil, inulin (source of FOS), linseed oil, minerals, dried carrot, stinging nettle, echinacea, dried tomato, dried apple, dried mango, dried plum, dried banana, thyme, basil, spirulina, cranberry, celery, glucosamine, chondroitin.

 Feeding advice
  Body weight 1–5 kg 5–10 kg 10–20 kg 20–40 kg 40–65 kg > 65 kg
  Daily amount 25– 90g 90–150 g 150–255 g 255–425 g 425–610 g
 9 g / kg Body weight

Please adjust the amount of food to your dog's age, breed and exercise level. Spread the amount of food over 2-3 meals per day and always provide fresh water.

Analytical constituents per kg
 Crude protein 25 %
 Crude fat 13 %
 Crude fibre 3 %
 Crude ash 7 %
 Calcium 1,4 %
 Phosphorus 0,8 %
 Humidity 9 %
 Energy value 3.555 kcal
 Nutritional additives per kg
 Copper (Cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 7,5 mg
 Copper (Cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate)  2,5 mg
 Zinc (Zinc sulphate, monohydrate)
 85 mg
 Zinc (Zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate)
 25 mg
 Iron (Iron (II) sulphate, monohydrate)
 60 mg
 Iron (Iron (II) chelate of glycine, hydrate)
 17,5 mg
 Manganese (Manganese (II) oxide) 55 mg
 Manganese (Manganese (II) chelate of glycine, hydrate) 12,5 mg
 Iodine (Calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1,8 mg
 Selenium (Sodium selenite) 0,1 mg

 Nutritional additives per kg
 Vitamin A 18.000 IE
 Vitamin D3 1.800 IE
 Vitamin E  300 IE
 175 mg
  550 mg
  Yucca schidigera extract
  200 mg


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