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Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) natural Ointment for dogs by Bellfor Dog Food - 110ml

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Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment protects and nourishes the dog’s skin

Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment is a natural product for external application on skin with small sores or cracks, which has proven effective in the after-care.

Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment  also provides ideal protection for canine paws before contact with snow and road salt.

To optimally use Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment, the ointment should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.

What makes Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment so special?

The unique combination of selected raw materials contained in Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment, have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, protective and nourishing effect and thus provide diverse application possibilities.

Insect grease contains a high content of lauric acid which has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, among others.

Calendula - also called Marigold - contains active ingredients, which fight inflammatory processes and promote the formation of new tissue. In addition, the carotenoids of calendula strengthen the skin against external influences. 

Beeswax has a high content of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and micronutrients. These ingredients help the dog’s skin to better retain moisture and at the same time promote the natural regeneration process.

Unrefined real Shea butter has been used in form of cream for centuries in Africa to protect against wind and weather. Shea butter leaves a breathable, water-resistant film and is the most used moisturizing product in cosmetics.

Coconut oil is ideal for the care of dry, cracked skin.

Cocoa butter is known for its moisturizing and regenerative effects. The appearance of the skin is smoother and significantly improved.

Applications of Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paws Protection) Ointment:

  • Protection against snow, ice and road salt
  • Small cracks
  • Treatment of wounds
  • Itching
  • Dry, scaly skin


Insect grease, calendula, beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter.

Apply a thin layer of Bellfor Pfotenschutz (Paw protection) on the affected area or on the whole paw for preventive protection. Do not use on weeping or open wounds.


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