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German Shorthair: dog food and breed portrait

Banner with German Shorthair

German Shorthair is a large breed of dog from Germany. The classic hunting dogs are classified by the FCI in group 7, section 1.1 (continental pointers).

The docile four-legged friends are characterized among other things by a high urge to move and an excellent sense of smell. An attitude as a family dog is theoretically possible, but in practice rather the exception.

German Shorthair

Origin of the german shorthair

German Shorthair is a German breed of dog that emerged from the old German short-haired Pointers. These were crossed among others with various dog breed-like dog breeds, pointers and the Bracco Italiano.

The breed standard of German Shorthair was first established in 1879. At this time, however, quite strong animals were desired, while the now typical physique was later promoted as part of the breeding.

Characteristics of the german shorthair

The life expectancy of German Shorthair is approximately 12 to 14 years. Bitches reach a shoulder height of 58 to 63 cm. Males are usually slightly larger with 62 to 66 cm. The breed standard does not specify the weight. However, this usually ranges from 25 to 35 kilograms.

The German Shorthair has a balanced and athletic physique. His runs and his back are straight. His attitude is upright. The dry head of German Shorthair has a long and wide catch as well as a moderate stop. The high-set ears hang down close to the head.

The short coat of German Shorthair is dense and hard. The breed standard allows different color variants such as black, black mold, brown, brown sky or white. All colorings may have dots and plates.

German Shorthair essence and character

The German Shorthair is a docile and hardworking dog. He is described as balanced, stable in nature and reliable. In addition to his hunting instinct, his protective instinct is very pronounced. That makes him off the hunt a very reliable watchdog.

Owners should be strong and empathetic at the same time. If this succeeds, the German Shorthair turns out to be a friendly and well-managed dog, which builds a close bond with its owner.

Characteristics of the german shorthair

The German Shorthair is a versatile hunting dog, which has an extraordinarily high urge to move and always needs enough employment. Amongst other things, his good sense of smell and his retrieving abilities benefit him during the hunt.

In Germany, the German Shorthair is still mainly used as a hunting dog. Many breeders give their puppies exclusively to hunters. In Northern Europe, German shorthair is sometimes used as a sled dog.

Its importance as a pure family dog, however, is low. Nevertheless, it is quite possible with the appropriate experience and enough employment to make the German Shorthair a reliable and child-friendly companion.

In order to utilize a German shorthair, the following activities are suitable, among others:

  • track work
  • mantrailing
  • fetch
  • dummytraining
  • lunging

German shorthair diseases

German Shorthair is considered a robust breed. If the animals come from a reputable breed, there is usually no predisposition to breed-typical diseases.

However, like most large dog breeds, the German shorthair may suffer from joint diseases such as hip dysplasia or suffer a life-threatening stomach twist.

In addition, animals used for hunting should be vaccinated against rabies and protected against attack by parasites. The ears of German Shorthair are particularly vulnerable and are often attacked by ear mites.

running dog

The correct nutrition of the german shorthair

Species-appropriate feeding is crucial for the well-being and health of German Shorthair. In this context, it is important not only to the right amount of food, but also to ensure a high quality of the feed.

The energy needs of German Shorthair depend on various factors such as age, weight and activities of the quadruped. A high quality and optimal nutrient supply is guaranteed by the purchase of Bellfor dog food.

For your German Shorthair we recommend either to grab the products from our Premium Pur series or to feed them with our cold-pressed dry food without grain.

In addition, the handle on the following products may prove useful:

With the Bellfor nutrition concept, you choose high-quality products with natural ingredients in food quality and support the healthy development of your German shorthair from an early age.

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