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Restorative preparations for old dogs

Restorative preparations for old dogs

Sooner or later every dog gets old. Movements become more and more difficult, the eyes get worse and the metabolism slows down - just like with us humans, various age-related complaints increase in senior dogs. 

For the well-being of your old dog, it is important that you take his changing needs into account in your diet. In the following, we will explain what you should pay attention to and how you can support your old dog with suitable nutritional supplements.

When is a dog actually considered old?

The average life expectancy and thus also the ageing process varies depending on the breed. Large dogs generally age faster than small dogs.

In general, however, you can assume that your dog will slowly but surely become a senior from around its seventh or eighth birthday. 

In the case of very large breeds, the ageing process can also start earlier and small dogs in particular generally stay fit for longer. Irrespective of this, age leaves its mark on every dog, which can be counteracted to a certain extent with nutrition.

Old dogs consume less energy

Old dogs normally move less. While a young four-legged friend often can hardly romp around enough, a senior dog is much more comfortable. In addition, the metabolism slows down with age.

Both together leads to the fact that your quadruped suddenly uses clearly less energy. To avoid overweight in your dog, you must adjust the portion sizes to his actual needs. 

Avoid joint problems in old dogs

A further problem area, which you should keep in view with your aging quadruped, is the locomotor system. Old dogs suffer much more frequently from arthrosis and other joint diseases, which are often associated with considerable pain.

In addition to an age-appropriate load, it can therefore be useful to support your old dog with suitable supplements for the joints. For this purpose we recommend a dietary supplement with Bellfor Joints & Bones

The capsules contain the special active ingredient complex Ovopet, which supplies your dog's joints with numerous important nutrients and can therefore make a valuable contribution to maintaining mobility. 

As a tasty alternative, Bellfor Joints & Bones is also available in the form of delicious Complete-Snack with which you can reward your four-legged friend in between meals.

Dental care for old dogs

Old dogs are more prone to dental problems and the associated consequences. For this reason it is important that you pay special attention to the dental care of your four-legged friend in old age. In this way you ensure that the teeth remain painless and functional for as long as possible.

You can do this particularly easily with Bellfor Dental Powder. You only have to mix it into your dog's food once a day. The special ingredients of the powder ensure effective cleaning and reliably counteract tartar in your dog.

Old dogs and the immune system

The older your dog becomes, the more susceptible he is to disease. This is because the immune system becomes weaker and weaker, making it harder and harder for the body to defend itself against pathogens.

To counteract this, it makes sense to supplement your old dog's diet with special supplements to build up the immune system. 

With Shiimun Immune you will find the perfect nutritional supplement for this purpose in our range of products. Shiimun Immun is a completely natural preparation based on the shiitake mushroom. 

The special composition, which also includes spirulina and turmeric, provides your old dog with numerous valuable nutrients that effectively support his immune system and effectively counteract the increasing susceptibility to disease in old age.

Old dogs need a well digestible food 

As intestinal activity decreases, old dogs often tend to become constipated. This is not only unpleasant but also dangerous. Because if a dog suffers from constipation, in the worst case it can even lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.

In addition, the aging process of the four-legged friend does not stop at the muscles. It is quite natural for old dogs to lose muscle mass. Especially in combination with joint problems and overweight, however, this leads to the animal's urge to move decreasing faster than average.

Food for old dogs

In order to support both the muscles and digestion of the dog in old age in the best possible way, it is important to rely on a high-quality dog food. On the one hand, the food should be rich in dietary fibres and on the other hand contain easily digestible proteins.

With our dog food with insect protein you decide to feed your old dog, for example, a particularly easily digestible variant with an excellent protein source, which is easily tolerated even by animals with food allergies.

Restorative supplements for old dogs - our conclusion

As you can see, there are some things to consider when feeding old dogs. The better you adapt the diet to the changing requirements of old age, the longer you can enjoy a vital and active everyday companion. 

In addition to a high-quality dog food, it can also make sense for old dogs to take appropriate supplements. The special nutritional concept from Bellfor offers you exactly the right products for this purpose.

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