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Great Dane

The Great Dane is a big dog breed from Germany, which is classified in group 2 by the FCI. Due to its friendly nature the Great Dane is a popular family dog today.

Characteristics of the Great Dane

As with many large dog breeds the life expectancy is relatively low with 8 to 10 years also with the Great Dane. Males reach a shoulder height of at least 80 centimeters, while bitches with at least 72 centimeters are somewhat smaller.

The coat of the Great Dane is smooth, dense and short. The breed standard permits the colorings spotted and black, blue as well as yellow and tabby.

The Great Dane has a narrow head with a broad nose as well as a rectangular, deep muzzle and a strong scissor bite.

The physique of the Great Dane looks slim, whereby it nevertheless has a well developed musculature.

Great Dane nature and character

Great Dane

The Great Dane is very affectionate and good-natured. The sensitive dogs are always anxious to please their owner and to build up a close bond to him. Great Danes are also considered capable of learning and are extremely easy to lead. Compared to other dogs, however, they also show their dominant side.

If the Great Dane meets strangers, she usually meets them rather suspiciously. Nevertheless, she is always self-confident, without tending to aggressive behavior.

Activities with the Great Dane

The Great Dane is an excellent companion or family dog and also knows how to handle children well. Thanks to its intrepid character it can also be used as a watchdog.

Not least because of its size the Great Dane needs a lot of exercise. Owners should therefore consider before the acquisition absolutely that this breed is not only expensive in the maintenance but also time-consuming.

Who would like to inspire his Great Dane with sporty activities, can do this for example with the following dog sports:

  • Obedience
  • Clicker training

Great Dane Diseases

The Great Dane is prone to various diseases typical for the breed. It belongs among other things to those dogs, with which a Dilatative Kardiomyopathie (DCM) occurs particularly frequently.

Like many large dog breeds, it also very often suffers from dysplasia of the hip joint, which is associated with severe pain and an increasing restriction of mobility.

In addition, Great Danes have a quite high risk for stomach twists, which without immediate veterinary treatment quickly ends fatally.

In addition, the Great Dane occasionally develops so-called recumbent calluses.

Great Dane Food

The Great Dane needs special feed in a good quality. Due to its size its energy requirement is correspondingly high. Nevertheless, all relevant factors such as weight, age and activities should be considered during rationing.

Sufficient taurine in the feed also reduces the risk of a disease of dilated cardiomyopathy. Due to the tendency to hip dysplasia, a dietary supplement with Bellfor Gelenke & Knochen (Joints & Bones) also makes sense.

If your dog has recumbent calluses, we recommend treating them with a combination of Bellfor Haut & Fell (Skin & Coat) and Pfotenschutzsalbe (Paw Protection Ointment).

The Bellfor nutrition concept supports the health and well-being of your Great Dane from an early age.

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