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Watery eyes in dogs: causes and care tips

Eye problems are a common problem in dogs. They can have different causes and manifest themselves in very different ways.

In this article you can find out what causes itchy or watery eyes in dogs and which breeds are particularly susceptible to them. We will also give you tips on how to care for your dog's eyes.

These dogs are particularly prone to eye problems.

Wet eyes Mops

Even if it can come in principle with all dogs to complaints, like for example watering eyes, some races are particularly susceptible to it due to anatomical characteristics.

These dogs often suffer from watery eyes and other complaints:

  • Short-nosed dog breeds with protruding eyes, such as the French Bulldog and the Mops
  • Breeds in which the lower eyelid hangs down, such as Mastiffs and St Bernards
  • Dogs where the lower lid is occasionally rolled inwards, such as Labradors and Rottweilers.
  • Small breeds in which the tear ducts are often blocked or too many tears are produced, such as Pekingese and Maltese

Possible causes of watery eyes in dogs

Itchy or watery eyes can occur in dogs for a variety of reasons and can have both comparatively harmless causes and be a sign of serious illness.

If your dog suffers from watery eyes, this may be due to one of the following causes:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Corneal inflammations
  • Inflammation of the inner eye
  • Foreign object irritation
  • Allergies
  • Dry air or draught
  • Glaucoma (glaucoma)
  • The dog sleeps with open eyes


Conjunctivitis in dogs can be caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. However, it is also possible that the conjunctiva may be irritated by dry air, foreign bodies or small hairs and therefore become inflamed.

Inflammation of the cornea

The possible causes of corneal inflammation in dogs are similar to those of conjunctivitis. Often small injuries of the cornea, age-related metabolic disorders or disorders as well as corneal ulcers are responsible for the inflammation.

Inflammation of the inner eye

Eye inflammation

In addition to conjunctivitis and corneal inflammation, inflammation of the inner eye can also lead to watery eyes in dogs. Further possible symptoms are a squinting as well as a reduced pupil size of the diseased eye. Both indicate that the affected four-legged friend suffers from pain.

Irritations caused by foreign bodies

If a small foreign body gets into the dog's eye, the body tries to flush it out through increased tear production. Often this succeeds without problems. However, it is also possible that the foreign body has to be removed manually.


In contrast to humans, allergies in dogs are particularly noticeable in the form of skin problems. In some cases, however, an allergy in dogs can also lead to watery eyes.

Eye care saver sets for allergic dogs

If your dog suffers from watery eyes due to a food allergy, we recommend our special eye care saver sets for nutrition-sensitive dogs.

You can quickly and permanently get the symptoms of your allergic four-legged friend under control with our hypoallergenic insect-based dog food, Bellfor Kidney Strength Powder and our gentle Eye Care Drops.

Dry air or draught

If a dog is regularly exposed to draughts or if the air in its environment is very dry, this can also lead to watery eyes. Especially in winter, dry heating air often causes such complaints.

Glaucoma (glaucoma)

Glaucoma, or green star, is a chronic eye disease in which, among other things, the pressure in the inner eye is increased and which sooner or later leads to blindness. Tearing and itchy eyes in dogs can be a first sign of glaucoma.

The dog sleeps with open eyes

Straight brachycephale races like the pug sleep quite frequently with open eyes. This can additionally promote the development of complaints such as dry or watery eyes in affected dogs.

Treating eye problems in dogs

In order to treat the eye problems in dogs, it is first of all necessary to know the exact cause. Among other things, it is necessary to check whether there may be a foreign body in the animal's eye that needs to be removed.

If the tear ducts of the dog are blocked, these can be freed normally with a special rinsing, so that the excessive tears of the eyes might be removed quite fast.

For animals with drooping eyelids, it is particularly important to avoid draughts and to ensure that the environment is as free of dust as possible. In dogs with long fur, it can also be useful to shorten the hair around the eyes to avoid irritation.

However, there are also situations in which the dog's watery eyes can only be treated surgically. This is the case, for example, with tumor diseases and partly also with particularly strongly rolled up eyelids necessary.

Regular eye care is important for dogs

Regular eye care can help prevent symptoms such as watery or itchy eyes. It is indispensable especially for dogs that are more prone to eye problems and should even be scheduled daily.

For this purpose, it is best to use a suitable care product on a natural basis, which you can drip into the eyes of the animal in the form of drops.

Natural eye care for dogs from Bellfor

With our eye care drops we have developed a natural product for the care of sensitive dog eyes. Selected ingredients such as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid allow you to gently clean the eyes of your four-legged friend and can thus help to counteract complaints such as itchy or watery eyes in dogs.

Bellfor Kidney Power - our tip for Maltese with watery eyes

Another possible cause of watering eyes in dogs, which most owners probably would not consider and which is particularly relevant for Maltese, is kidney problems.

If your Maltese suffers from watery eyes, we recommend that you try Bellfor Kidney Power, our natural product for kidney detoxification in dogs.

Bellfor feeding advice for allergic dogs with watery eyes

If your dog's eyes are tearing due to a food allergy or kidney problems, switching to our hypoallergenic dog food with insect protein can be a good choice.

The protein obtained from the larvae of Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) is hypoallergenic and particularly easy to digest. Nevertheless, it provides your four-legged friend with high-quality animal proteins as required, so that a permanent change of food is possible without posing any risks or disadvantages.

Both our wet food Landgut-Menu and our cold-pressed dry food Naturgut-Schmaus are suitable for allergic dogs with watery eyes. If your dog's eyes are watering due to kidney problems, we recommend that you give preference to Bellfor Landgut-Menu.

When eye problems are a case for the vet

Of course, complaints such as watery or red eyes in dogs are not always harmless, which is why it may be advisable to consult a veterinarian. After all, untreated eye diseases can, in the worst case scenario, even lead to your dog becoming blind.

A visit to the vet is especially important for the following symptoms:

  • The dog has blurred eyes (the animal may have glaucoma or inflammation of the cornea).
  • The dog has purulent eyes (household remedies are only recommended to a very limited extent).
  • With pupils of different sizes and pinched eyelids (the inner eye may be inflamed).

In addition, you should always consult a veterinarian if the appearance of your dog's eyes changes in any way, for example if they have a grey veil, are bloodshot, look glassy or have a conspicuously enlarged appearance.

The same applies if the tearing of the eyes lasts longer and the discomfort does not subside despite the use of a suitable eye care product.

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